What's your favourite language? Anything and everything

Japanese, English, Arabic and Russian are my favourite languages. But they are not easy to learn. English is a language who everbody knows. Even though my English is not fluently :S

When someone speaks English perfectly.... Omg, it sounds lovely. But I like Italian too. 🙂

What a hard question! I love so many languages and can't really just pick one.

Obviously I love my native language, Finnish. I think it is quite unique and beautiful even though not traditionally so. So yeah, I really adore Finnish even though I am of course very biased. I also really like English and plan to study it in university. It might not be the most beautiful language to me, but it is the one that connect me with people so obviously I really do enjoy it.

My third favourite is a bit more interesting one: Irish! My mother is part Irish and for some reason I just fell in love with the language when I started to study the history and culture of Ireland. I actually find all Celtic languages interesting and brilliant, but Irish is definitely my favourite one. It is always fun to have some knowledge in a language that is definitely not very spoken in your home country 😉

My other favourites include French (of course!), Italian and Swedish. It is common for Finnish kids to have somewhat negative attitude towards Swedish language as we are "forced" (really not liking the word) to study it in school, but I really do find it a fascinating language. It has also helped me a great deal with my German studies.

I think that the Catalan is a great language ! 😃

I love how Italian, Spanish and French sounds! 🙂

I really like english also! 🙂

oh and Finnish! 🙂

I love all languages , i like the idiomatic expressions.

I love Spanish and German language most. They both are on demand languages these days. I have taken German language classes and currently i am taking Spanish language classes these days.

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I like French

I LOVE CHINESE!! It's complex and hard to learn .

I like English and Japanese too! They sound so beautiful ! O(∩_∩)O~

I love Polish, because it's a very rich and beautiful language. This is my mother language I know, that it's also very difficult, I sometimes also make a mistake on orthography.
I like English, because everybody knows it, and English allows expand horizons. And Russian, because it sounds so beautiful and is similar to Polish.

I like BAHASA INDONESIA, do you know why? I like it from the languages style. BAHASA INDONESIA only has a pantun,

I love English and Spanish 🙂. I would like to learn German too, it must be interesting 🙂

Finnish but Spanish is also nice.


Hungarian and Italian as for my part 🙂

I love ancient languages from north-Africa.

my favourite languyge is spanish ,it's so beautiful