Favourite food Anything and everything

What's your favourite food??🙂

Italian ofcourse 😃, especially pizza tonno or spaghetti/lasagna bolognese

risotto allo zafferano! (rice with saffron)

Pizza and parmesana

Pizza and pancakes I think

Brownies and muffins 😃


I think pizza, shashlik (russian dish of pieces of meat) and of course, pancakes!

The most things from Italy and dug whith souce

-pasta with pesto
-fish and chips

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Russian cuisine. Italian cuisine. Barbecues.

Polish, but I like italian and mexican food 🙁 It's not patriotically... 😉

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Pizza, fried potatoes, and I think that's it.

An italian dessert made with savoiardi (sweet sponge biscuits) drenched in coffee, and a mascarpone custard

Vegan Ramen and "Turkey butter-garlic" from Warsaw are the best.

My favorite food would have to probably be either Chinese or Mexican

Pierogi dalla Polonia. Mi piace piadina 😉

It's between pizza and pasta! <3