What do you know about Native Americans? Anything and everything

People all over the world know about probably know about the United States and the Americans but does anyone outside of the U.S. know about the Native Americans?

If you don't know feel free to ask me because I am a Native American 😃

Yeah, sure! At least in Finland we learn about Native Americans in history lessons. I actually did a whole paper (like 20 pages, I reckon) on Trail of Tears. I find the subject fascinating.

I know about it~
Jason-II, what kind of native American are you? I'm Cherokee.

I'm Cherokee.
Mother of God 0.0

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What? xD

I am a Seminole from Florida
South Florida to be exact.
And I am 100% Native 😃

And also
You learn about Native Americans in Finland?
That is AWESOME! xD

I'm just sad there is so few Native Americans left D: