Stop Cursing ? (multilingual topic) Anything and everything

So, I have this friend in my classroom who curses quite often. After I've asked him to stop doing so, he said I have to tell him in 30 different languages and only then he will stop. So, how do you say "[b]Stop Cursing ![/b]" in your language ? 😃 Thanks.

"Smettila di imprecare!"
That would be in italian.

come on a little bit cursing isn't that bad 😉
but here in swiss german for you:

Hör emol uf z'flueche

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in French

(arrête de dire des gros-mots)


Awww, you already said the English :/

"Normal" German:
Hoer auf zu fluchen

come on a little bit cursing isn't that bad 😉
I agree with you, just that he is exaggerating with it, which becomes really irritating.

Thank you all for your answers so far 😃

In Dutch, 'Stop met vloeken!'

Perestan` proklinat` -Russian
Godi proklinaty- Ukrainian

In Polish 🙂

Przestań przeklinać!

¡Deja de de maldecir! -Spanish

Lopeta kiroileminen!
Finnish version 🙂

lõpeta vandumine!


Latin: "Noli maledicere!" (At least I thinks so 🙂 )

Polski :
Przestań przeklinać !
Suahili :
Kuacha laana !

Sicilian: A finem'iastimari????
And Italian 2.0: Smettila di bestemmiare

别诅咒 is Chinese
And in Beijing we add some rude words xD