Soluton for EVERY problem ! Anything and everything

Well, simply I can guarantee you that Muslims who are practising their religion Islam fully are the people who always have solutions for any problem in life... Do you know how ???

Because as we surely believe Quran is unchanged message of Creator to human kind and teachings of last messenger Mohammad to human kind, is the ideal source for this life to follow up, for EVERY problem in a Muslim's life, he is content and find a solution for himself/herself.

Especially for those who wanna look and see how it goes, why dont you ever give it a try ? I mean, just be open minded and see how Islam has problem for everything since Its from Creator who knows BEST for this creation : )

Peace be unto you : )

I think all religions are, deep inside, the same...

It's proved all religions has been created for persons who won't of others religions which existed already. There are had in first the Judaism, somes people have adhered to this religion. Then the Christianity has been created for others people who stayed. But somes people have adhered again but not everybody. For all people who haven't a religion, has been created the last religion : The Islam. The rest of people who haven't a religion have adhered to this religion. 🙂 Nevertheless it isn't the only religions which exist in this Earth. Asian people, for that I know Japanese and Chinese people have Bouddhisme and Shintoïsme. And much others religions exist today as it is Asia, Arabic World, Europe or UK. It's our cultures, lifestyles. No matter Polytheism or monotheism, there AREN'T a BEST religions in this Earth and which is The solution for every problem. On the contrary I'll say that with all differents religions which exist now it created problems because nobody don't know accepted that there are others religions which exist than his.