Do you believe in 21st December 2012? Everyday life and customs

Does somebody expect The End Of All? Do you think they are hiding some information about it from us? Or is it just another joke or mistake? Your opinions, please 🙂
P.S. For those who don't know - in the Mayan Calendar, the present era ends at 21.12.2012. Some say it's going to be the end of the world. Some say that we interpreted the calendar wrong. (All we know is that his name is Stig! 😉)

I personally think it is rubbish! No doubt that people will be making cults up and killing themselves etc but in reality it is a calender that has ended, they ran out of room to continue, thats what I think anyway!


I don't mind the end!I just enjoy every "today"!I make them meaningful!

the 21 december 2012 is not the end
it's just the beginning of a new round in the maya kalender.
and at this day the sun will be on one level with the "Milchstrasse" (Milkey Way).

So the sun could have a big sun storm so that all electronical things on the world could crush down

i watched a documentation about that topic 001_rolleyes

that is 4 days before my 18th birthday🙁 so i hope it will come 5 days later
but i don't believe it

I think they just ran out of room on the rock.

Did another legend have planned the end of the world in 2000 ?
We are still alive, isn't it ? =)

They are pushing that date again. Started with 2000, now 2012 and who knows when they will push it to again.
I don't believe in it and don't want to think about it.

Just a way to think our era is special. There are so much ways to make people believe stupid things if you make them proud of these things by some way.

I don't think that it will be the end of the world. But i think that we are going to enter in a new erea. If you analyse a little bit world you can see that now people are open about spiritual things. Religion like christian is now descredited, people believe in an other ''big thinks''. Maya calendar just stops in 2K12 but other culture like tolteque told us that we enter in the sixth sun. I think that it means that people will open their spirit to another things, i mean spiritual way. But it s just a supposition. Still wait and see. But don't forget that youg people is the futur of our world.
Sorry if my english is bad

I think they just ran out of room on the rock.
The same here lol

If the humanity knew the end date of the world, it would meant that the god is stupid.
The god isn't stupid, so we won't able to know when the world will end.

I tink, we'll kill ourselves. (You know, battles, wars etc...)

Well I don't think the world is going to end. It's a calendar. I could take a calendar and say the world will end on May 25th 2015, but that doesn't mean it will actually happen. Just because an old calendar stopped, doesn't mean anything will happen. But that's just my opinion.

I personally think it is rubbish!

Do you believe in santa claus?

No, I don't believe in it because it's the 123 end of World that we've annonced and nothing again ! If we should believe in all end of World, we couldn't to live! And the real date of Mayan Calendar it's not 12.21.2012 but it's will be in 2116. I read this informatin in scientific document. Our generations will be already die. Nemo will be again in live for say it's true or false. xD

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Doomsday Conspiracy 😛.