Why do you love you're home ? :D Everyday life and customs

I'm goingg to try to gueess. I mean I love my home because its hugee and when I look up at the tall buildinggs, I'm like always amazed.
Andd then I love how I can see like at least one person from every single country. I like how it smells too. Most times. It smells like industry and food and new things haha. I wish I lived in the heart of the city, but I go so often I feel like I live there already. I like how I feel there too, I feel comfortable and accepted and I feel no shame what so ever about who I am. I can't wait till I'm older to live in the city. 😃 I love how you can never bee bored here, its just amazing (:
And I've yet to see a celeb which is totally ridiculous.

I love my home because it is out the country but a pretty closedrive away from the city. We have a lot of land and that is great too. Also, I love my house because it is not really really big. We have enough rooms for everyone and it so cozy! I love love love it! You probably would too. XD

I love my home because nearly everyone here is layed back and completely easy to talk to :] and alot of people here say things that you have never even heard of but somehow it makes sense ...liiiike "'fair shake of the sause bottle'' means "oh thats a bit harsh"' lol 😛 and i love it here because we get really warm summer days and warm nights with cool breezez :] and there is land everywhere!! field and fields of green grass

i don't =)

because its my home =)

because i hate it.

I love my town because it is a city where you can have a lot of fun , and because our rugby team is the best!!

I LOVE my home because its so beautiful all the time, no matter what season it is. I LOVE my home because it comforts me, and it might be in the middle of no where, but there is ALWAYS something to do!

Hi Everybody !!!

I looooooooove my home because I'm felling good in my home !! I don't know how to describe it ! 😁 😃

I don't really love my home

I hate my home country but I love certains of his cities as Beauvais a city in a department near from the department of Paris and Etiolles a city in South parisian region. I love those cities because the life is better. All is interesting in those cities. 😃

I love my home because my family stays there with me. We talk, cry, fight, hug, laugh, whatever we do it together. Love my home.

Because only at home I can watch TV shows alone and eat fast food.))))