Love is love.... Everyday life and customs

What is love for you?

Is that feeling I get when I see my love ones beeing happy, including my dog.

Love is the opposite of hate 😉

jajaj yes Steven85 it's correct

How could something so simple can be so complicated

Love is Love
Nothin' to say

When you don. T want to lose somebody,maybe

I think it s just a chimical reaction happend on our brain that give us that feeling of love which let us feel that we need to possess that person or that thing forever.. and maybe it's made by nature for not stoping our reproduction for our species

I don. T think that love is only a chemical reaction on our brain, that appears between men and women. It. S much wider,the sence when you don. T what to loose and take care of a friend, a pet, kids and so on.

Scientifcally is a chemical reaction which is normal as human being.. angry, love, fear and so on are just chemical reactions happened on our brain.. but what make us improve that feeling is that we re human and conscious about that feeling..
Loving someone is whene that someone makes your reactions work in abnormal situation which causes love. What do you think ?

love is caring and sacrificing

yes, i thinks is reaction that is independent of the person in front of you (male or female).