What are your wishes? Everyday life and customs

What are your wishes?

i wish a new computer for me 1eye

i wish a drop of happiness tonight..

I whish a travel around the world ...




I wish that I could find lovely penpals from here😃

Be doctor and have a new boyfriend lol !

i wish you my love =) only you

i wish a photo with Jan Smit,
that's is very popular singer at holland and i like him XD

I wish a travel to france and I wish a better year.

i wish to travel around world this year and meet lot of ppl maybe some of you too 😉

ouaaa ari-han! i think the first motor-bike picture is really nice! 😁

I truly wish to be happy and to appriciate every beautiful thing in the world😁

I wish to be always happy

i wish to have a good exam tomorrow =P please please

Thanx cosaque, really appreciate it

Publish my book and live with my boyfriend! 001_wub

I wish my grandmother and grandfater would be living at least one more year with us.. they are really old and a little bit sick and it makes me sad because I really love my gradparents. And I also hope that my little sister wouldn't be sad right now, she heard that our relative's dog died today 🙁

i wish to get "bursa kestane şekeri" =P
hear me zehraaa =P