Dear Daily.... (all can write) Everyday life and customs

Dear Daily
today was boring... i am sleepless..
i will write you more tomorrow..

Hi Daily

i waked up late today 🙂)
i am at home.i dont work today 🙂)

we played football at afternon.we have guest from germany 🙂)

bye bye 😛

Dear Daily

nobody likes you 😛
i write only 🙂

i like you 😛 i like to write something..

See You

dear daily

today was kind of boring, it was raining all morning till 1 pm so i had nothing to do 🙁

however in the afternoon i helped my mother in the garden for 1 hour
now i'm chatting with my friend because we wanna meet us tomorrow for having barbecue and a nice dvd evening

i like the dialy

bye dialy


hi daily

today was good 😛 i worked much..
my right arm hurts i dont know why ..
i will use to write my left hand...

the weather is nice.. not warm.. its windy..

ahaa you are a new friend daily 🙂
i congratulate you 🙂

See You

salut daily

i met with my best friend yesterday.
it was wonderful.we had a good time.
i was on vacation 😛

i hope he wil come again 🙂

See You

Merhaba Daily

i will leave my work today =))
so i can go to travel...
i am so happy =)
İstanbul makes me exciting =)

i will write you when will be in istanbul
See You

yo daily.

in the morning i nearly broke my leg at practice :|

then i had to listen non-senses from haters in the chat.

now i broadcast on my radio and then i'll try to get some sleep...

Edit by Remus .

Hi Daily.

Today I was at my grandparents. I was watching TV and playing computer almost all day.
Then I was shopping with my parents.
Now guests came to my parents, so I'm doing nothing. ; P


Hi Daily.

Today i am going to clean the house :/
Take everything off the walls in my room, so I can paint it.
And then I have soccer practice 🙂


yo daily , today i went at practice as usual then watched some football at TV and broadcasted on my radio...i'm thinking 'bout throwin' a party this weekend..

Hi daily,
Today was boring as usual.
I visited my cousin and watched her draw.
She draws well.
We talked about our own travel plan.
Wish we could go traveling together one day.
And have a good dream.

'sup daily

unfortunatelly i can't seem to find enough guys to throw a real party...

it'd be a small one though 😃


Dear Daily,

I am sick. I had a fever and was restless and now I'm freezing and still restless.
The doctor said it is nott swine flu but I don't know.
Adrian and I got in a fight and I acted like a child. ha ha ha. people should learn not to piss me off
:glare anyway it's better. I'm writing this like it's my diary but i don't caree.

Me and Remus are great friends now. He is like my brother. not that little since he is like a lot taller than me. (with more muscles probably too-_-)

Ow I discovered a bruise on my ankle...I twisted it the other day playing keeper for football. Great Save I hurt it with though (:

I'll write lattahh.

Love, Lucy donatello

dear daily ,

i just woke up
i have a headache
i'm going to sleep

bye daily.

Dear Daily.

Today i'm packing all my stuff. Soon, i'll pack my clothes, cause I'm mooving on Monday.
See you later daily

Dear Daily,

I feel ahmazing. Haven't felt this way in like...years. (: Can't stop smiling.

I'll tell you why later when I know it's reeall and not just me on my medication :tongue:

i'm writing cause I'm waiting for Remus to get on. I love that kid ha ha ha. My little brother. That kid issss awesome totally beast. (: (for those who don't know Beast means like really cool and awesomee)

I'm writing this like I'm a little 13 yr old. soon I turn 18 and go to the states, wish me luckkk (:

Lucy donatello

Dear Daily,

I think I pissed of Remus...I'm a horrible big sister :/