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hee what is your religion?

For school I have to ask someone what things about your religion! feel free to leave a comment! and what your religion is 😉

Hey! I'm catholic. I can also tell you how looks religion in Poland.

Hey. I’m Protestant (Lutheran).



I am a Christian

I am agnostic, but I grew up as a catholic

I follow Jupiter.

i believe in a misterious wonderful power, that gives everything life.

I am a Hindu all the way 🙂

I am a humanist, non-dogmatic

I am Christian.


I am a humanist, non-dogmatic

Me too, in a way. I don't follow religions / dogma and don't believe in gods.

I am a Christian

Grew up as a catholic, agnostic now.

I am a Christian Jehovah's Witness

I'm a Christian.

I am a Christian 😉