Your experience in Penpal gate? Everyday life and customs

I'm new here, but i see there aren't much people inside.
You have found a penpal friend? and how much like this site?

Hello, search a little bit and look around and see what happends.

Don't worry, we are just shy, that's all 😃

Great 😃 Thank you J-Sergeant and Filou for reply me 🙂
I hope to know more people the next days 🙂

You sure will 🙂, don't be scared to text someone you want to talk to

yop! here it's a quite new account but i'm on ppg for 5 years, don't be scared to text ppl, actually you can have a lot of penfriend all around the world, I love seing my facebook full of different cultures, seing pictures and everyhing thats really great 😃

(and actually joining apersphere and penpal gate wasn't a good idea...)

Actually, I started using this site more than 3 years ago - I registered as soon as I was able to compose sentences in English (before that time I'd learned some French at school, though). There are many services like this, some are more technically advanced, but I still prefer this one. Why? Search me, I just like it.
I've met a lot of people here, with some of whom I've been in correspondence for a long time now.