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What is your favorite tradition, in your country ?

Sinterklaas, if you are a kid you get presents and its always cosy.

Demera and Buhe. Children sing in their neighborhoods and people give them money. At night, we burn wood and in my famy, we jump over the fire three times for luck.


"Baba Marta", on this day we exchange small adornments made of red and white yarn and we wear them until the spring comes. They are called "martenitsi" and they could be various bracelets or small dolls representing a boy and a girl, they are really cute and it's fun to make them by yourself. 🙂


we sit on a mat and around the fire and grandparents tell us stories of their times or makes jokes between us.

my favorite tradition is Christmas. In Italy we usually have a great two days party for it lol
We eat all together during the holy night and then dads or grandads pretend to be Santa and give presents to the children. it's something special and also magic!

here in the Netherland is Sinterklaas, a day that is mostly about getting precents
Its where Santa comes from.

Nothing xP

Shrovetide. It is ancient festival of Slavonic culture. The most important thing of Shrovetide: making and eating pancakes. =)

A German tradition is definitely Christmas but even St. Martins festival. Children from the kindergarden or primary school tinker lanterns and go with the school and their families around a big fire and sing some songs about St. Martin. Afte that the children can go from dor to dor and sing a song and when their done they get some Candy ore fruits just what people like to give them.

I always loved that festival because of the great lanterns 🙂

Even the October Festival is typical German but then people are normally just drinking all the time while wearing lederhosen and drindl haha (:

Sinterklaas gives some gifts to the children.

I love Christmas! It's so cozy, you're with your family, in germany you have nice christmas biscuits, you get presents, you go and see the nativity play it's just amazing

St. Martin but in east of poland we fest it much diffrent than in germany. We eat delicious twingles. Also at this day we have Independence day so we have a lot of reasons to fest.

Día de muertos. It translates as "day of the dead". It's a festivity that focuses on the happiness and joy that our loved ones who passed away brought us when we encountered them. So it's not a sad day, it's a "fiesta" day.

Here in the Philippines, its the Christmas celebration. Filipinos start playing Christmas songs over the radio and in the malls in "ber" months (September, October, November, December).
People also start putting Christmas decors and lights as early as September.
Family reunions happen and lots of Christmas parties in December.

in algeria, we have one beatiful tradtion called Fantasia, it's not the most beatiful traditon of my contry and is not my favorite because i don't have a favorite tradition but i love very much this event

I've never thought about it... It's very hard to decide, in Italy we have got a lot of traditions (especially in Naples) so I think I just haven't got one