National anthem of Germany Deutsch

After the reunification of Germany in 1990, the new German government decided to keep the West German national anthem, which is the current German anthem, 'Deutschlandlied': https: // youtu .be / P46fpud7gyU
So they decided to drop the East German national anthem, 'Auferstanden aus Ruinen':
According to some people, Germany should have kept the East German one rather than the West German one. Some think the opposite, and think the current anthem would not change.

What do you think (especially german people) ? Which national anthem should Germany have kept, and for what reasons ?

I like out current anthem. Before Germany was united in 1871 it represented the wish of the citizens for that unity. It has far more history than that other anthem. Apperantly "Auferstanden aus Ruinen" was made 1949, so its probably 100 years younger. It might be controversial (especially the first verse) due to the Nazis, but it has been with Germany during both unifications, so I think it fits it well.