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  • Something to tell the world!

    Hey there! I'm Alina, a 17-year-old girl living in Germany.

    I love nature, except insects or spiders. They're horrible. I am really fascinated by birds for no specific reason. I own two Budgie's myself... But they are kind of lazy.
    My favourite colour is turquoise. It isn't green nor blue, leave me alone.

    If you wanna talk you're welcome to do so with me, but I am not interested in exchanging letters or phone numbers, sorry.

  • I always enjoy talking about...

    I do like to talk about my dreams and problems and stuff. Obviously interesting things, I can't tell you what's interesting though, because I don't know most interesting things YET.
    I also really enjoy just listening or joking around.

  • Something uncommon about me

    I do not know how common that is, actually. Maybe it is the most common thing.

    So I usually adapt to to the general behavior of the people I am around, in the way that I act the opposite.
    If it is rather quiet I will try to get a conversation started.
    If people are not interested or bored I will be running around like an overly happy idiot and annoying people, in the hopes of infecting someone with some motivation.
    If everyone is talking and active and all that, I will just quietly listen or even get out of the situation and sit in a corner with myself and my thoughts.

    I also seem to be the only person these days, that isn't depressed or hates her body. Quite a sad time we live in, when everyone questions themselves all the time.

  • My proudest accomplishments

    17.09.2021: I got my drivers license! (🎶last week🎶)
    02.12.2021, 9am: I got my braces out! (not that it was an accomplishment)

  • I'm excited about...

    I'm excited about this whole year, to be honest. Also terrified, but mostly excited at the moment.

    First, I'm going to graduate (at least that's the plan).
    Then, I want to do the Cambridge English Proficiency test.
    In summer, I'm going to spend 3 weeks with my friend and her parents in Sweden, where I'm going to turn 18.
    After that, I'll spend another 3 week holiday with my family on the island we always spend the summer holidays on.
    And towards the end of the year, I will hopefully have a job for a so-called "voluntary ecological year" here in Germany. That would go on till summer next year so basically, 2022 is planned for me.

  • Favourite books/authors/films

    My favourite books are definitely all books by Karen M. McManus.

    I LOVE the series Monk and The Marvelous Mrs Maisel. Amazing. I love it. I also like Lucifer but I haven't fully watched the last season yet.

    I find the movie Avatar (with those blue people) absolutely stunning because they made an entire world, with species, plants, rules, culture. Wow. Looking forward to part 2 this year!
    Then obviously HTTYD, because... HTTYD? And Pirates of the Caribbean.
    I recently watched The Notebook and that is one absurdly sad movie.
    "I'm Your Woman" is also a great movie in my opinion, especially since it is so different from everything else I've watched so far.

  • Cities and countries I have visited

    I've been to several places in Germany. Outside I was in Eastbourne (UK) for three days as a school trip and in Rovinj (Croatia) and Malcesine (Italy) with my family.

    I think the Spreewald in Germany is beautiful and Lake Garda in Italy is too. The clear water in Croatia is also beautiful and I could snorkel really well there.

    I like natural places better than cities in general, even though I must admit that those old parts of cities are pretty too. But I mostly prefer a mountain, forest, lake, whatever.

  • My interests in other cultures

    I think foreign cultures are really interesting. It's just amazing to see how differently people live, or that they think something is totally normal, while I think it's uncommon and odd.

    I also find religions really interesting, especially since the culture of a country often seems to build onto a certain religion. But I absolutely hate people who try to convert me to their religion. I am not a believer and I am not interested in believing. I like to know about your believes because I like the idea of religion and I find it fascinating, but please do not try to sell your religion to me.

  • My opinion on human nature

    Humans are actually ridiculous creatures. We are the smart species. We have science, moral rules, society, civilization and most importantly empathy.

    And yet we manage to not only treat other species badly, but also hate members of our own species because of their skin colour, sex, gender, sexual orientation, origin, religion, political opinion, wealth and what not. Many of us seem to be ignorant and dislike change.

    But just because it used to be a way, doesn't make it right or good.
    We are smart, and yet we are too stupid to live in peace and get along with others. We have to make every single thing about ourselves and feel offended or supported.

    I also think our society is too judgemental and people should worry about their own problems, instead of judging the 15 year old mother, the depressed transgender boy, the person who does art the wrong way or the male neighbour who was seen in a dress.
    Stay in your own lane and stop caring so much about what others do with their lives, it's literally none of your business.