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Hello, I wish to know what do you hear about France in news. Do you still hear about yellow vest or police violence or something better?
Thank you.

About the Yellow Vests, all what we see from abroad is a weak police which can't do anything without criticism, strikes for "police abuses", political debates, etc. and vandalism... (RIP Arc de Triomphe, even the German during WW2 didn't touch it...)
And all this for what ??? Because you can't imagine a minute that France is part of the World: With all your strikes for your hilarious 35h per week, retirement at the age of 65 years old (don't even know the exact age), and all you "Germinal Privileges"...
It's funny cause you beheaded your king in 1789, but still want to live as one now ...

Otherwise, I like you wine but not your cheeses

Vive la République et Vive la France !

PS: i think that if you don't want to cooperate with the Police you're illegal as you reject the State authority... so be ready to face the authority (#BraveYourselfBatonsAreComing)

En Allemagne je n' ai plus entendé parler des vestes jaunes. Actuellement il y a autres messages comme les incendies en Grèce ( désolée mon français). Greece?

Ok thank you for your answer. Someone else? 🙂

You seem to be unhappy with my reply ...
Why did you stop the debate, while it has just started ? :/
Are you agree with my opinion ?
Do you find that >35h/week is too many ?
You talked about Police Violence, do you find that the French police hit too hard ?

And you, how do you think France is seen abroad ? 🙂

Oh I like your second reply haha
I wasn't sure of the meaning i your sentence so i wanted to know other mind 🙂
I think that more than 35 hours is too many, yes. Because all of us need to spend time with family, to clean home, to do the shopping, to do the paperwork and then to do sport.
About police violence, it depends. For sure, french police is more violent than some years ago. And i'm so sad and angry that demonstrations are more difficult to do now.

I don't think 35h or less is a good idea for France, your economy is not as its best and France has too many social expense. So you need to find money for what you believe in it ! You could work less than 35h/week but it would be viable, I think.
yes, I agree that we need time, and we have rights to have a family life, but we also have duties to our nation !
That is for what the retirement is for: After a life of duty, you earn the right of rest, not before.
With the Babyboom post-WW2, there is now a pension peak that need to be support ! I know, and I share, that it is the elderly who are responsible for this: they lived in "The 30 glorious" where there were lots of money and they didn't know what to do with... Here in Belgium the decide to light on all the main road, doing that Belgium is not visible from space...
So now they have to pay back, with less pensions and us, the active persons have to wipe off all this mess !
I'm sorry for you, but that's how the world works, with no strong syndicates that blocks any progress or change...

About the Police, I don't have any pity for the vandals !!!
In the past, Police was charging with horses through strike to stop them, I think we should re-establish this police right.
I have no problem with people that claims where they think, but when the destroy things, block other people to work or simply live, and don't want to work but still want the money,... "Ok, you've just decided about you fate..., Unleash hell" #Gladiator

PS: French Police is at ones of its less violent and less credible years of its history !
PPS: Champs-Elysée and others boulevards like that were initially made for battle, stopping strikes or revolts with cavalry and canons in these wide streets XD It's funny that now we can't stop them while it was made for this 😃 "

A scientific report asserts that people who work less than 5 days per week are more productive than who work 5 days per week. Working less but better could solve the problem.
Police killed and hurted people without horses or dogs. Don't you know about the LBD (grenade launcher)? It's a gun wich isn't made to kill but it is so dangerous. Europe condemned the use of this gun because it is the most dangerous used by police in Europe.
Then, we should recognize who are rioters, whom aren't really in demonstration. For sure I am against them too.

You seem to live in a wonderful world, made by butterflies and rainbows...
Would really like to live in your world, full with naivety....

About your study, it is very interesting to mention it but where was it carried out ? In France ... ?
Tell a man to work less, he will work less... People are lazy in general, except in countries where the work-discipline (like in Japan) is deeply present. Yes, the first days, people will be more productive but rapidly the routine will be installed and a less-than-5-days-week would look like a former 5-days-week.
France isn't the country where your study is applicable and it is hilarious to think that it could be.
And people are productive yes or no, no matter how many days they work a week.
(Today I woke up a 3.30am and stopped at 4.30pm my working day, the other days of my week I had the "chance" to wake up at 7.00am. Was I less productive because I work all the week ? No ! Were my colleagues less productive because they work all the week for more than 10 years now ? No ! And you, what do you know about working ?)

About your Police: First, French police is a joke. Second, when it become a little bit serious, it is a "awful" following people like you.
Police is currently disrespected in France and it lead to some No Man's Land in some hoods. So please, be serious, if you want them to do their job, permit them...
And about the LBD, Police don't use it randomly (stop thinking such naive things....) They use it when the strike is uncontrolled. You seem to blame the police, but do you blame the Vandals ? To ones who destroyed hundreds of shops, trashed the Arc-de-Triumphe, burned uncountable cars, ... ? If you blame the police, you are one among them ! That's all.
An about the elderly that were hit by plastic bullets... What the hell were they there !? In an uncontrolled strike !?

you deserve to be shot by LBD just for walking in a certain street at a certain moment


In italy some weeks ago we had an interview with Macron in a tv show very popular here and i really liked it.

To Cactus_in_anus,
Haha do you really think that you could be shot while just walking on the street ... ?
LBD is only used to maintain order in chaotic strike... Did you see LBD shootings during Family Manifestation or others like that ?
And when LBD starts to be used, if you are still in the manifestation, you have something you can be blamed for ...

To Luca_Pajo,
The same here in Belgium.
Like Macron, wish we could have one in Belgium

To Verenius,
You're right. On theory only...

To Luca_Pajo,
Why do you like Macron? Do you like him because of his personnality or you like his politics and policy?

Wow, wow.. Verenius, if you want him, just take him, I prepare the gift package 😉

What's funny about work time, is that you're saying you work more than us globally and you're not less effective. Okay, so I understand you're more working than us for the same result. In conclusion, you're waisting your time.

To Camcam11,
"On theory only..." Why don't you explain your thought ?
You started a political and sensitive topic but without explanation of your point of view...
Give me example that would show me that I'm wrong.
As I already told you, French Police is a joke and the use of LBD is only a small detail (yes that word is adequate) that don't change the weakness of the French Police.
They should used LBD at will against the Arc-de-triumph's, Avenue des Champs-Élysées's, ...'s vandals, but they didn't do that and you know the end.
What you think about is a naive perspective with only simply thoughts based on the good and the bad you've learned from your parents ("don't talk like this cause it is bad", "don't hit someone cause it is bad", "don't have your personal thoughts cause it is bad", "be smarter than the bad cause it is good", " don't look outside of the wonder box cause it is bad", ...), what I think about is an Utilitarianism perspective which I thought about it and don't simply follow naivety .
Personally, I'm ready to shoot down some petty vandals for the well-being of the majority (material and immaterial).

To "the Genius" Benjou,
Well... Frenchmen are the more efficient, you are right !
And that is especially for that point that they strike all time when there is something new, for "Unfair Competition",cause only them know that nothing or no one is more efficient than them !
I reply to you with the same way you did, so now, plz go back away and stop saying s***.
Thx you.

Haha, you're funny 🙂

Oh and who called for a debate at the beginning of the topic ? Oh yes, it was you, then you're telling to "plz go back away and stop saying s***." Haha, oops.

But I understand that accepting being wrong is harder than accepting a lie, no worries dude.

Sinon Camcam11, laisses tomber avec lui, c'est littéralement perdu d'avance, seul lui a raison apparemment (aaaah, internet..) 😉

The basic principle of a debate is arguing not simply say phrases without any thoughts in it...
"In conclusion, you're waisting your time."
That is really not what a conclusion is.
An example of what you could say is "According to the International Monetary Fund, in 2018, the GDP per capita was 48.245 Int$ for Belgium against 45.775 Int$ for France. In conclusion, you are not as productive as you say."

Please men, don't fight...