Venezuela Politics and governments

Venezuela, perhaps you've heard of the country, perhaps not. It's located in the North of South America, neighbouring Brazil, Colombia and Guyana.
Recently it has been in the news due to people starving, riots and increasing dictatorism. Not Saudi Arabia, but Venezuela has the largest oil reserves, yet it suffers from increasing poverty among the common people.
Latest reports mention inflation rates of over 1500% yet the government declines to acknowledge the problem and points towards the enemy which is called capitalism according to them.

Two years ago I didn't know anything about this all and since then my eyes have been opened about how good my own life is in comparison to the rest of the world. More and more I feel bad about this and want to do something about it. In my opinion there are many current political streams active that promote segregation of groups where the opposite has the preference.

I have set a goal wanting to change Venezuela, even though I'm an outsider, not at all a native. I've visited Venezuela and saw potential. The earth is rich; anything can grow there and all year through. Venezuela in my opinion is so much more than a country in trouble, more than anything a beautiful, diverse country with raw nature, cultures and ancient knowledge about to getting lost. And for what? Oil? Politics? Money?

What do you know about Venezuela? What have you heard about it? What do think about current politics?
How would you solve the crisis in Venezuela?
1. How would you stop the people from starving?
2. How would you lower the highest homicidal rates?
3. How would you stop robberies?
4. How would you stop the people from migrating?
5. How would you stop the exploitation of minerals, causing huge envirimental & social impact?
6. How would you see a country being led, when it's known dictatorship?

I'm curious for your answers. Here's some sources of information:
Pictoline on facebook (if you can read Spanish) (short video) (21 min video)

I had a Venezuelan friend and I got to know about the crisis only then. I felt sympathy for her and wanted to do something for her as people were having trouble receiving food and necessary items, and for that they had to stand in long queues and theft was rampant. In the end there wasn't much for me to do but I'm always open to the idea.