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Hi everybody, i'm a new member. I'm not fluent in english, so i seek for your indulgence. You can correct me when i'm wrong.
I want us to discuss about the perception that everyone of us has of the American diplomacy since the arrival of President Trump. As african, i was not satisfied of Obama's presidency. Now i am truly worried about Trump's vision of Africa but not only africa, China, Russia, Palestinia and the muslim world in general. I hope i will get some reactions from you. Thanks.

hello agnes 🙂

From my part : If im honest usa and its politics do not interest me at all!!
I turn off the news etc if i hear any crap.

Bro Bro

He is a clown, talk a lot of dangerous rubbish without prior thinking. you've got to worry about Africa and the Muslim World because they are poor and easy target for what's called SUPER POWERS, they have stockpile of nuclear weapons, missiles, sophisticated airplanes. On the other hand, Africans and Muslims seat on very wealthy land, So, it doesn't take a genius to understand how they preach democracy and human rights while they stockpile weapons of mass destruction and use a veto system in the UN to stay above the rules of justice.

Exactly! We must not forget hitler did nice things in people's opinion.
I don't accept nice things from a person that is not just, i'd simply tell him to get lost.
It is to do with the morality.

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I am sorry as an American that our president mr trump is an embarrassment to this land. He fires any advisors who disagrees with him makes inflammatory statements sensitive subjects has alienated many allies. Social media is not a proper forum to conduct presidential affairs. To call some African nations shit hole countries is absolutely racist and uncalled for. And not true either!

Hello Everyone!
Excuse me for my English.
The most coming idea when I am praying since 3 years ago is that;"I am tired"!
I am tired of leaders of African countries who can't form a united front against Western countries, leaders can't stand up for there families, friends and descendants. I am saying that because for me the problem is not Trump, Trump is like a last point on an already composed sentence.
@Bro, my point of view is that our problem is not related to our weakness because we have other things that you(westerns) don't have as you said. The only thing we lack is cohesion on some main objectives. That cohesion can lead us to some clever negotiations.
And from there we can prosper.
Thank you.

There has been more positive things happen in America since Trump got in because he knows what he is doing! Just look at the stock market if you question this. I'm sorry, but with the Nuclear threats to America I think Trump has a point.

The American stock market goes well because EUROPE is going bad.
Which nuclear threats? Exactly?
America is the nuclear threat lol
The only country to "test" them on people was America, that withdrew from the nuclear threaty with the excuse that Russia was developing a missile more, when America, after the INF, destroyed literally just HALF of the missiles, compared to Russia.
Russia destroyed 1037 missiles, America Just 500.
Proportion were something like this.
Therefore it's totally ok if Russia, with NATO getting closer and closer to its borders, builds a missile anew.

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We have been under direct missile threat from North Korea for quite some time. And President Trump knows how to manage money, and that is partly why the stocks are doing so well. They are also partly doing well because, as you said, Europe's is not doing well. Of course, I know I cannot change your mind, nor am I intending to, I am simply trying to educate those who do not know.

North Korea's scenario was nothing more than an embarassing theatre play horribly acted. Seriously, they were just saying "my big red botton is bigger and more colourful than yours".

Anyway, "I'm simply trying to educate those who do not know".
You said everything, 15 years old yet pretending to possess the absolute truth, which in this case sounds more like Trump's doctrine.

P.S. Probably you're just a troll

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Yes, and may I remind you that you are but three years older than me, and I do not pretend to know everything, as no one knows everything. And, everyone is also entitled to their opinion, and if our views of politics may be different that does not mean we need to resort to name-calling.