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what do you think about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict? and the Arab world's relationship with the Western world as well?

Shame on Israêl

I don't like Israel either, but this is a world where the strongest survives. I'm sure that if Israel was weak, the Palestine would have done the same thing to them and drive Israelis out of Israel.

I think that young American people like me don't have much against the Arabs. It's only the older generation on both sides. I would also add that old people tend to not agree with any changes whether it is technology or other cultures.

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Israel fights for a state that has belonged to them for uncountable centuries. Last the time they were driven out of their country was around 800 years ago - by the Palestines. Who, on the other hand, agreed of selling it back to them peu à peu around the beginning of the 20th century. Palestine, which had been a protectorate of Great Britain before, was given back to the Israelis after WW II, but nobody thought about that the Palestines might lose their home as well.
So, you see, there are two victims: The Palestines who have lost their home, and the Israelis to whom the land as such belonged historically and who just want to keep what is originally theirs.
One can argue about lawfulness of the re-founding of Israel, one can blame them for the brutality with which they protect their land and state, but on the other hand one can blame the Palestines as well for not being willing to assimilate or at least live peacefully with them.

A couple of days ago I read an article about a new programm in Gaza: Students, the "government" says, should learn Hebrew. Fine, I though, good and peaceful idea, but then I went on reading: If the students are able to understand and speak Hebrew they are able to insult and threat Israelis on the internet. It has to be a sick brain that comes up with such ideas ...

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I think that the conflict is originally more religious than anything else. don't you think so?

To D87: the land of palestine has been already "given back" before WWII in 1933 by Adolf Jacob Hitler with the Transfer Agreement Links > >
To Muslima: every war and economical conflicts are religious conflicts for centuries and centuries and centuries...

I need to complete my answer to Muslima.
You certainly already noticed on the israeli flag the two horizontal blue stripes: they symbolize the Nile and the Euphrates rivers, the border of the Great Israel. The first jewish religious text was the Torah. When rabbis took the leadership in this religion, they made their own transcription of the Torah, from which came the Talmud. In this Talmud, the promised land goes from the Nile to the Euphrates and that's the goal of the zionnist governements of Israel since this "state" was born in 48.
As a consequences, all the conflicts and events taking place in the middle East are meant to accomplish this goal. Including nowadays Syria, Iran, Egypt (the muslim brotherhood don't open the borderline with Gaza...), Libanon, Jordania,... Lybia was also their work but for a different reason (the gold Dinar of Gaddafi).
If you want to learn a lot about the origins of the Middle East diploamtic issue, the story of the last good Samaritan, the Esther parabol (how jews slaughtered 75 000 persians, they still celebrates that with the fest Purim, their Xmas), the "doing the bad to obtaining the good" principle, how they corrupted the catholic religion by Jacob frank and the islam by Sabbatai Zevi (with consequences on Mustafa Kemal Atatürk...), you have to read the book of Douglas Reed, the Zion Controversy. Here you can find a link where you can read the book online if you don't find it in your bookshop.

I think it is a geo-political issue. Usa give 3 000 000 000 dollars every year to israel. It is interesting how its begun. When Nazi were on power, europe gave a shelter only to about 200 000 jews. After the WW2, europe said that they deserve a own land. Their were a choice between Palestine and Madagascar. A zionist movement of course wanted Palestine. and before 1947 when israel occupied Palestine, jews and arabs were living in piece. Country should be divided between them, but jews got the best part being in minority. in 1975 UN made a resolution that Zionism is a kind of rasism. After because of USA they changed it. My question. Why palestinians has to pay for Nazi if they didnt kill jews in holocaust? Maybe Jews should live in some part of Germany???

Shame on israel for genocide in Palestine, they act like Nazi. And shame on arab countries, because they don't help Palestine!!!

I would like to see senior Israeli government and military leaders go to prison forever for all of the lives they have stolen. I also believe the failure of other Western democracies to openly condemn and sanction Israel for its MANY, MANY crimes against humanity is one of the great injustices of our generation. More and more people in the younger generations here in the USA sympathize with the plight of the Palestinians.

That being said, Arab countries treated Jewish citizens very badly in the 19th and early 20th century. There were many mass transfers of population and mass murders in Northern Africa and throughout the Middle-East. The world looked the other way then, too; politics always outweigh morality, it seems.

Being a much-abused minority in the US, I understand wanting people who have hurt you to stand accountable for their actions -- believe me. However, this justice has been done; Israel has seen those responsible for the murder of its citizens hunted down, it has retained a state and it has built a powerful military. It is secure and prosperous. Bulldozing Palestinian homes, raiding random homes at night to instill fear, denying them access to roads & hospitals, and dropping bombs on entire neighborhoods to kill just a few people..this is not "defense," it is "terror."

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Solidarity with Israel - free gaza from hamas!

shame on israel!!! killing of innocent.

shame on you!!!

Israel is like III Reich. Read one.

Israel is a criminal state

I fully support Israel, and they have the right to call that land their home.

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i support palestine !! u cant occupt the people without a reason if u do hate will prevail

In my opinion, the education is very important. In general, the politician, I think that they are interesting in the money of it country. So, if they had had a good education (respect to the persons...) they would have a better gobernment. I know that the work politician is difficult and complicate but the country depend to the politician.
The warm, I supose that it is consecuence the politician. It possible not every time, but sometime.
For me, the politician, it is a topic difficult for explain

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Free Palestine!
No racism!
No war!
I support 2 states living side by side in peace, withdrawal of Israeli forces to 1967 borders and the return of Palestinian refugees home.