Syrian crisis Politics and governments

What do you think about the uprising against president al Assad and his family's tyrannic rule in Syria?

Personnaly I think it's as in Lybia and all others countries of Arabic World where in this moment the population want to break the dictatorship. -_- But this population don't arrive as in Lybia to progress in the fall of their government. Brief it isn't the same result. It will be cool if they arrive finally to find again the peace in their countries without the actual dictatorship.

2600 death if news said true. It's so sad. Why nobody to do nothing ?

Because, each governement have interest with syrian power in place that why nobody wants make anything or delay the peaceful processus.

If some crazy people believe that syria needs a democracy as in iraq, libya, afghanistan.... Go to the doctor!!!! People who knows about politics know that usa supported extrimist in syria. The leader of islamic state al baghdadi met a lot of times mccain.... The same as osama bin laden was cia agent in the begin. All my support to Assad!!!!!!!

I think Assad is a good leader.

I think any ruler who does not take in mind the well-being of his subjects, does not deserve their place. A ruler who is capable of killing his own subjects deserves to be looked down upon.