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  • Personal skills

    I have patience, i try not to judge people for being different and I've been told by many people to become a therapist although i don't believe I'm that good. I do like helping people though 🙂

  • Favourite books/authors/films

    - Maze Runner series
    - Divergent series and others by Veronica Roth
    - Ready Player One, etc

    - The Hobbit and LOTR Series
    - Anything sci-fi or action related
    - Open to discovering new genres

  • My proudest accomplishments

    Being around people who need company the most, when others ignore them.
    Just generally trying to better myself and contributing to a judgeless society

  • I wish people knew more about...

    About what goes on inside some people's head, and how they are treated. The lack of empathy nowadays bothers me


Shy00 Shy00

Best friend ever

Asterope3 Asterope3

Very good friend that deserves all the happiness in the world

bookish-katie bookish-katie

most perfect and best guy ever 😛