• I'm an expert at...

    I studied Cross-cultural Communication at university, from which I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Linguistics, so I guess it's pretty obvious that I'm interested in foreign languages 🙂 Among the languages I began to learn are Norwegian, Icelandic, and Japanese. I also learnt German back at uni, however, now my German is quite rusty. But it'd be great to sweep the dust off it, so if your mother tongue is German, feel free to shoot me a message 🙂

  • I'm excited about...

    In general, I'm into all things dark and Gothic. I like collecting animal bones (no worries, I DON'T kill animals, I do love them, especially cats!), feathers, claws, seashelves, etc. My collection also includes some crystals (I'm just fascinated with different stones!).

    What else I like?
    - True crime & psychology;
    - Tattoos;
    - Reading;
    - Watching movies (sci-fi, horror films, thrillers);
    - (Sometimes) drawing;
    - Writing fanfiction and poems;
    - Writing 'real' letters;
    - Scrapbooking...

    ...and some other stuff, but let's save it for our future conversations 🙂

  • Something to tell the world!

    I suppose I should clarify who I am looking for:
    - those who are into snail mail like me;
    - simply those who I can talk to just about everything 🙂

    Please, note that sometimes it can take me quite some time to answer your messages, but it doesn't mean that I forget about my pen pals 🙂

    And one more important thing: I'm looking for female friends, so no offens guys!