• 7m
  • Kerro maailmalle!

    I am here to find skype whatsAp or hangouts conversation
    The art of Eye to eye conversation must not be lost.
    We can exchange stories about life love and our countries
    there is more than one way to skin a cat! If you are going through hell, Keep going.

  • Kaupungit ja maat, joissa olen vieraillut

    I have visited New Zealand several times
    A beautiful country of North and South contrast A friendly nation
    I love a sunburnt country Australia Wide beaches vast arid outback and beautifu rainforests I am yet to see all of my own country

  • Parhaimmat saavutukseni

    I love family
    The crown in my accomplishments is to have my family love me
    Volanteering is satisfying and more about that if we chat
    In my retirement I discovered compassion and empathy Neither measurable but tangable

  • Vieraat kulttuurit

    I love the nuances of accents in spoken conversation Online audio or video conversation is essential to capture the variety of language and tonal intention

  • Olen hyvä...

    I had to interpret eye conversation ( another story to be told) The eyes haveit! The eyes never lie Eye conversation surpasses the hidden agenda of written text
    I love people and enjoy discovering the story written on every life

  • Henkilökohtainen haaste

    To say goodbye And watch the yacht sail to the next harbour

  • Lempikirjat/kirjailijat/elokuvat

    Maxwell on leadership Lewis on Love Henry on sex and pleasure

  • Vuosi ulkomailla asuen

    I would prefer to travell via the creativity of online cam rather than move further than my own world
    But given a choice USA Uk or Europe or all of the above

  • Aihe, johon et koskaan kyllästy

    I always enjoy talking about the serious side of life and family and the frivolous enjoyment of pleasure and making love

  • Maailman parantaminen

    If we could only love and not selfishly build our own empire the world would be a better place Volanteering for the improvement of those less fortunate can be benificial and satisfying

  • Taidot

    The art of conversation is being lost to the texting of social media I enjoy keeping conversational relationships alive Painting pictures with words can tell a thousand stories

  • Lapsuusajan huvit

    Mostly sport and sport and not to forget sport

  • Opin hiljattain...

    I recently learnt that the flap of a cereal box is not as easy to open as the instruction on the box

  • 10 vuoden kuluttua

    To Attend my grand childrens wedding would be amazing

  • Ainutlaatuista/epätavanomaista minussa

    I ama survivor of events that have taken many More about that shiould you choose to converse

  • Olen innoissani...

    It excites me to thik I can learn more about relationships culture and your country should you choose to check out our penpalship Maybe a little naive and obvious but underneath a genuine excitement for a new friendship

  • Kaipaan tätä entisajoilta

    Simple It was better before this generation around the meal tabe On the sofa in the living room Walking. We made authentic conversation
    Faith was less demading of "right"

  • Tästä pidän nykyajassa

    Technology allows the possibilties of friendship from great distances Penpals can make instant conversation and various platforms

  • Toivoisin, että ihmiset ymmärtäisivät...

    I wish people understood the serious nature of truth and integrity
    If our lives were and open book our stories would benefit all

  • Lapsena toivoin...

    I would chage nothing We were poor in material possessions Destitute at times but rich in love and security

  • Unelma-ammatti

    I have managed projects that ultimately when completed served to improve the less fortunate of our community
    Building, more than bricks and mortar

  • Vanhempasi ja sinä

    When they were open about their mistakes I learnt not to make the same mistakes or at leasy try to avoid those pitfalls
    The legacy they left lives on

  • Tulevaisuudenkuva

    The future will be littered by poor choices and graced with healthy decisions
    A bright future is in the hands of those that choose to make decions for others when possible

  • Ajatukseni ihmisistä

    Human nature is naturally selfish
    Why do we have to teach an infant to be good
    Why do infants take their own and need to be taught to share
    Learned behaviour can change this selfishness from the inside with proper guidance and spiritual enabling

  • Olen huolissani...

    The selfishness of human nature can make the world hell on earth If enough individuals develop genuine genrosity the word will be a better place

  • Neuvo tai vinkki

    Sticks and stone may break your bones but words will..... destroy or improve you

  • Kadun elämässäni...

    I regret not having enough time with thise important to me

  • Koulusysteemi minun käsissäni

    The school system has lost its sense of educating the fundementals for the sake of time spen on the political bias of the minority
    Discipline is considered abuse
    Equality has replaced the ability to have an opinion and navigate a healthy conversation
    But alas, who cares?

  • Arvomaailma

    Popcorn is over rated
    Skimming a rock on a lake is underrated
    Running is overrated
    Kissing is underrated
    KFC is underrated
    Climate change is overrated
    Sex is underrated
    Foreplay is underated
    The breeze on hot summers day is underrated
    Air conditioning is overrated