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30 años, de Genk
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Everyone experiences life in a different way and I'm always up for a chat to find out! Experiences, beliefs, dreams, daily life. Anything. Writing letters is fun, so if anyone is up for that and a new friendship, just let me know!

13 años, de Sherpur
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Never underestimate or don't make bad comments about anyone's country. Because his country is a part of that world, your country is also a part of that world. In this universe we are citizens of the earth. And if you despise a country,on the one hand, you have insulted your own country. If you close your eyes and feel the feeling of...

14 años, de Paris
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Always be yourself! No one must dictate your path and you must not depend on anyone!😎☝ You want another piece of advice? Then listen the advice whatever your heart tells you!😉 Et... "Il ne savais pas que c'était impossible alors ils l'ont fait !!" Va au bout de tes rêves !!!! 💪🤜 And..."He didn't know it was impossible so they...

11 años, de Langenfeld
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1st Always think about what can happen. But also think about what you can change. 2nd If you are interested , don't be so shy and write to me.😀🙃😉

12 años, de Paris
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My favorite film is La La Land. I love jazz and everything else!!! But also, I love The Goodfellas!!! I love Scorsese! And Tarantino. My favorite books, mmh... - Sherlock Holmes - Harry Potter - Hunger Games And my favorite author is: J.D.Salinger (The Catcher In The Rye) I really love to read!

19 años, de Nederland
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Im really good in making weird short storys (in netherlands) but it would be nice to try it in English!😉 here i have a website where I write short stories! It's english and dutch. https://pandatjuhschrijft.jimdofree.com/ https://thelostsheeps.jimdofree.com/ I'm a expert in acting like I'm focused on school😎

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Hi, my hobbies are reading, writing, watching dramas and trying to learn new things. I can play a bit of violin, guitar and the ukulele. I am an expert at eating.😂 I dislike people who harm or hate others because of their race, religion, or ethnicity; it’s a disgusting trait, and if you are like that, please don’t speak to me. I...

16 años, de San Diego
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My name is Jackson Weber and I am a 16 yo. living in California. Please don't hesitate to message me =). One of my favorite things to do is Jiu-Jitsu. I have been training Jiu-Jitsu since I was 12. The Gym that I go to for Martial arts is pretty much my second home. I love training any martial arts that I can, including Jiu-Jitsu,...

16 años, de Gerbstedt
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My name is Marie and I am 16 years old. Live with my family in Gerbstedt that lies in Germany. I also have a cat and a dog. I also would say that i haven't Social Media .

13 años, de Undheim
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Hello! My name is Annika and i am 13 years old. I like reading or hearing music. I am here because i wanna learn more english and find some new friends, I would like to send real letters by mail, or chat/e-mail. Hallo, Mein name ist Annika, und ich bin 13. Ich bin hier weil ich mein english verbessern und brief- oder...

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One of my proudest accomplishments is completing my studies in Photography and becoming a Photographer.

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Hey! My name is Esmée, I live in the Netherlands and I'm 17 years old. I would like to improve my English a bit and make a lot of international friends! Feel free to send me a message and I will happily reply! I would love to have friends from all over the world! I also like to send and get handwritten letters, so if you're interested...