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  • Something to tell the world!

    Hello everyone🥀
    My name is Rose,i am an italian girl who moved to sweden in 2022.
    my mother language is italian of course and i speak english perfectly.
    I also know a bit of spanish cause i studied it and i know a little bit of swedish.
    I am a very shy,insicure and introverted sweet girl who loves makeup,fashion and shopping.
    i am here since 4 years!

    I like to spend my afternoons shopping at sephora,ulta,victoria's secret and a lot of other shops. I spend a lot,too much money on makeup,skincare and clothes! I really love luxury brands too.
    My biggest passion is acting,i wanna be an actress and living in new york city...that's the dream of a life. i would love to be a famous actress so much,and i hope i will realize my dream.
    I really love to watch tv shows,youtube videos about makeup and skincare,I love to read thriller books about mysteries,trying new makeup looks,using my cosmetics and sleeping. Sometimes i also try to bake but i am very bad at it,the only sweet i can always bake is the banana bread with chocolate chips.

    I also like to help people with their problems and make them feel good,but only with people who deserve it,i need time to open myself with someone.

    feel free to send me a message! i am quite active here but sometimes i can take a
    veeery long time to answer,if it's like this is probably because i am having a crisis and i don't wanna talk haha
    i am very active on instagram: everrr.rosee
    and that's my snap: rosesnaima

    ⚠️I’d love if you read my profile before messaging me!! I spent hours to write all
    those things!!
    please,don't message me if you are polish!!!!!💀⚠️

  • Favourite books/authors/films

    Okay so

    📺I always love to watch shows as i said,shows are my life (i love netflix so much) and my favorite is called “sex/life”. I also like “alice in borderland”,”squid game”,”euphoria” ''geek girl'' ''toy boy'' ''baby reindeer'' and many others.
    About movies,i like “saltburn”,”red,white and royal blue” and others.
    I’ve always been such a huge horror/true crime\thrillers movies fan as i already said somewhere.
    I also enjoy to watch cartoons (also for kids) i like “total drama island” for example and a lot of other stuff.
    I love old disney movies,the old disney is everything
    i watched so many anime in 2021/2022,now not anymore,but my favorite is called ''tokyo ghoul''. i think i watched at least 100 anime. even if now i stopped to watch them,anime will always have a special place in my heart

    📚About books,in the past i read a lot of books since a very young age. I’ve always liked harry potter but i don’t think i have a favorite book,even if i have read a lot of incredible books.
    I like thrillers,fantasy books,dark romance…
    Every kind of book!

  • Personal skills

    i changed many schools in my life,i've moved to a new country,i changed so much through the years,i had different styles,different people around me and i think i found myself i am not afraid of change,and that's a very positive thing,i like,started to be kind of fearless and my quote is ''life is one,do it!'' since i started to think like this my life changed in a better way,i've done many different experiences that i wanted to do and of course this way of thinking is gonna make me doing crazy shits and smart things at the same time but when i want something no one can made me change idea and i am capable of doing anything to get what i want,i am truly capable of risk everything no matter what's gonna happen. i recommend to people to follow my quote,life is one,enjoy yourself and risk.

  • Something uncommon about me

    -i cry a lot,in fact see myself a lot in the character “cassie” from euphoria (we are so similar!) but also other characters
    -i think i am good at making pasta. Very good. I can make a lot of very good sauces
    -i am tall 1.60,everyone here in sweden is very tall so basically everyone is taller than me
    -i am a “party girl🥂🚬🍾” but also a “stay in the bed and watch netflix instead of going out girl🛏️🥱📺” i can be both of them without problems! It depends if that day i am feeling happy and pretty or more tired and ugly haha
    -i grew up as a vegetarian,from the age of 3 to the age of 10. I loved to be a vegetarian cause i love animals and i wanna try to be vegan again but in sweden is very hard because there is no food for vegan people,is one of the hardest countries to be vegan
    -i changed so many hair colors when i was a kid: pink and brown,white and brown,black,purple,blue,half red and half black,blonde,half blue and half i finally stopped,since a very long time. i want my natural hair color but i am thinking about making some parts of my hair blond
    -i am a Coca Cola addicted,especially the cherry cola or the vanilla cola

  • I always enjoy talking about...

    I love talking about tv shows,and we can talk about everything you like,i am often curious about other cultures and religions,even if i am an atheist!
    I also love to talk about psychology,how you became the person that you are today and stuff like that
    I like to talk about love problems and relationships
    I like to talk about true crime,mysteries..
    I like to talk about health attitudes to feel better,and to take and give advices (even if my lifestyle is not healthy at all!)
    I like to talk about makeup and give fashion advices to people

  • A trick or piece of advice

    It’s common to say but..don’t trust people. I already knew that but I recently learned it again.
    And as i said,follow my quote “life is one,do it!” I am an over thinker but I learned that sometimes you have to follow you heart not your brain,sometimes you have to do things without thinking too much,just do it no matters what. Life is your story,write it,create new scenes,keep it interesting like you are having spectators.
    I wanna say it again: since I started to think this way my whole life changed and i made some beautiful things i wanted to live,because i took the risk of my actions without thinking about the consequences and i started to live in the present not always in the future. Be fearless sometimes,it can truly be the key to be happy.

  • I'm an expert at...

    i am an expert at:
    -makeup,fashion and things like that
    -i think i am pretty good at acting
    -i am an expert in true crime,mysteries,thrillers,horror things...i have this passion since i was little haha
    -i am an expert in remembering things,i have a very very good memory
    -i am an expert in...overthinking,thinking,intellectual fact,my mbti is INTP

  • As a child, I wish...

    my daddy issues are screaming!!!!🗣️🗣️
    (my daddy issues are CRAZY)

  • A career without obstacles

    I wanna start my career and be an actress so bad,sometimes i look if there is any audition close to me to join a cast of a tv show\movie..

  • Cities and countries I have visited

    i haven't been to many places..the first time i saw a new country was when i moved to sweden. i would like to do many holidays in tokyo,to visit london,a lot of places in the united states,i would also love so much to visit some deserted and mysterious islands with someone. i would like to visit some places like the ones in the ''alladin'' disney movie,so in arabia.
    and many many other places!

  • Life regrets

    -i regret having a cringe style...i was emo in 2021...i was so cringeeee with awful hair but i mean,everyone had an emo phase so let's laugh about it
    -i regret being an idiot for too long
    -i regret not being mean enough to terrible people sometimes
    -i regret a very embarassing thing...i did my eyeliner in an extremely cringe way in makeup was just awful but now i try to laugh about it haha,i'm sorry for the people who saw me like that
    -i regret not trying to fix things sometimes,especially in 2021

  • My interests in other cultures

    i looove japanese culture,indian culture and others for sure.
    let's say,i am interested in a bit of everything but japanese culture is for sure my favorite

  • Over or underrated

    -snapchat. I don’t really see the point of sending thousands and thousands of snaps to each other all the day. What’s the point? Snapchat is so annoying and overrated! I hate my friends sending me snaps
    -maths. Everybody knows that you’ll never use almost everything that you learn at maths class. The 90% is totally useless

  • My feeling about the future

    i never think about the future in an optimistic way,i not a positive person at all

  • 10 years from now

    in 10 years(if i will be still alive...just kidding!) i see myself as a famous actress living in nyc🎥🗽🇺🇸

  • Living abroad for one year

    as i said i will live in new york for the rest of my life but i would like to live in tokyo for some months,like a big vacation

  • It is better now

    i think i am finding myself more

  • My proudest accomplishments

    i am still alive