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  • A career without obstacles

    be a pony🦄🦄🦄 loyal like dogs🐶🐶🐶
    Be smart like owl🦉🦉🦉
    Make others happy like a rose🌹🌹🌹
    Be strong like a lion🦁🦁🦁
    Work hard like ants🐜🐜🐜
    Eat like bears🐻🐻‍❄️🐼
    Be happy like cats🐱🐱🐱

  • Living abroad for one year

    Okay i need another topic of "something to tell to the world"

    Hello sir/madame 🌷 !
    Welcome to this persian guy's profile 😆!


    Yes i am a unicorn🦄, i am a homo😛(jk!), i am a pony😜🦄🦄, and everything you say that i am !♡♡♡

    (Also: im not a little tiny cute cake ! 😁❄️)
    Btw, you can contact me in other apps😃
    Instagram🤮: @amiriparsa90
    Email🥸: (email hidden)😉🫠

    But please tell me that you are from penpal gate ! 😊

  • It was better before

    When lucy was here....

    Sleep well, you will be always lucky🙂🥀🕊

  • Making the world a better place

    It is better to care more, make people think they have value, and everyone has the same value for sure, this is just lost in our cultures.

    I saw something once in a book (it was about animals):
    All the animals are equal, some are more equal....

    We cant change that in one day, but if we start caring about all the people deeply, we will have a better wold for sure . I hope we will all do it together😊

  • I recently learnt...

    "leili and majnoon" stories are only beautiful in books !

  • I'm an expert at...

    Ill change the topic to : @ everything about me @

    Im Parsa ! 😆 i love alll the sports, mostly basketball🏀and soccer(football😝)⚽️

    Im INTJ and Aquarius ☆☆☆☆☆

    I sing🎤🎤i also write poems🗣🗣💖💖

    I love everything !!!!😜😜😜

  • Something uncommon about me

    Before you read: yes its uncommon ! You cant find of these people much Xd

    I dont make excuses to be happy 😀😀😀 ! Im always happy ! And i do my best to see you happy ✨️✨️

    The guys who use "😆,😜,👻,🤭,🥰,☺️,😅,😇" arent gay ! That is something unique😜
    I can sing a song after one time i listened to it !!😆🦄🦄

  • Something to tell the world!

    You suffer instead of me
    You are killing your happiness
    You were filled with sorrow instead of me
    I will die for you. You are so broken
    I am worried about you, you are my dear
    I love you , you are my everything
    I'm worried about you
    Complain once, never cry again. Endure these moments
    You are the legend of love in stories
    It is a sin, but you are God
    Don't tell me I'm over the moon
    Do not say that stories are a game of fate
    Bear these moments, when my world changes with you
    If you cry, my heart hurts
    Don't let my heart die anymore
    Complain about me once
    Don't let our world to be destroyed
    This was a part of "negarane mani" song

  • Personal skills


  • Favourite books/authors/films

    The shawshank redemption ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥!

    City lights 📽📽📽

    12 angry men🚹🚹🚹


    Schindler's list 💀💀💀

  • Cities and countries I have visited

    Merhaba !
    سلام !
    Hello !
    你好 !
    مرحبا !

  • I always enjoy talking about...

    Anything you like ! Every intrests that you have !😆😆 i just wanna talk😜

    As u know, i love musics🦄💘 soo ill write another one here ! 《Roozaye sakht》


    Rain is the voice of love, the heart of rain knows your eyes.
    I lost you, a person loses his world in an instant
    The silence of this house is bitter. Who knows except God?
    There is fire in my heart. Only you will make my crazy heart feel better
    These days are harder than you can believe
    You cant live with a memory
    You know it's better if I don't say anything
    Who in the world is more in love than us?
    I cried in such a way that my voice is still wounded.
    This is the same pain that you do not understand

  • A personal challenge

    Being a better person that i am today🙂🙂🙂

  • Life regrets

    My biggest regret 🤔

    I think its that i cared about others more than myself ... i made myself sad instead of others .... i wasnt my everything !!!

    (Tho its still like that😜)

  • Childhood pleasures

    Thanks god ♡
    That u made today's parsa !

    With all the bad and good memories he had in childhood !😁


    I really liked kindergarten

  • A trick or piece of advice

    《Love yourself》

    I really loved myself for 5 minutes, i had one of the best feelings in that time ,

    Sooo now i say you should love yourself !💕

  • My proudest accomplishments

    Being a happy guy even in saddest moments !😆
    -----i once read a book about our "shadows":
    Its about that we change what we are to show other people , then we start to be that new person we showed people !!! (Isnt it really interesting???😝)

    Now i believe that .... 😉


Homokillers-PGaf Homokillers-PGaf

the best persian teacher in the world!❤️❤️

Pennarossa2024 Pennarossa2024

🧑‍🦰Red Parsa

Roseeeee Roseeeee

22 is my number then!!🤪

Stacy_ Stacy_

I will love u forever 😜❤️

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