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  • Something to tell the world!

    Hi, my name is Michał and I live on south of Poland (very close to Czech border). I study English by myself for 4 years and I want to tie my future with this language. I also want to learn Italian and maybe Spanish but I haven't started yet. Maybe some of you will help me? I'm intrested in engage contact with anybody who speaks English, no matter well or not.

  • Cities and countries I have visited

    I wasn't really in many places but my big dream is to travel. So far I visited Greece and Netherlands and few the most important cities in my country.

  • My proudest accomplishments

    Hmmm I don't think I have something to be boast about. Maybe the fact I'm still alive, yeah... It's more difficult than you may think.

  • My interests in other cultures

    Not anything particular. Just willingly meet any culture which I don't know or which I don't know a lot. I'm very open person and I have very curious nature.

  • Favourite books/authors/films

    Books - "Pompeii" by Robert Harris, besides I prefer novels (I mean short forms)
    Authors - Jack London, Anton Czechow, Boleslaw Prus and Terry Pratchett
    Films - Many. I rated almost 350 of them on one of my domestic web page about movies (something like I prefer films with unique vibe ("La Tigre e la nev","Smoke","Una pura formalità","The Fountain","Kogitsune Heren" ) rather then fast action, explotions and pursuits. Moreover I adore historical movies like "Gladiator", "Braveheart"... and animations.

  • I'm an expert at...

    People naviagtion. If they want to.

  • I always enjoy talking about...

    About sport (especially football and NBA,), videogames (maybe), music, actors, films, science, religion, love... such things. I hate politics, however I have my firm opinion on some of the things which matter.

  • Living abroad for one year

    Despite I love my own country, there is a few places where I want to live. Maybe one year is a little bit too long but I would be delighted if I could taste life in Japan, USA or Italy.

  • Personal skills

    I wouldn't call myself an artist but I definitely have an artistic soul. I little paint and play haromonica. I play basketball although not so well. Yeah, I think I got quite functional intellect :]

  • Making the world a better place

    Everybody should really appreciate life. But not only their own life or generally life of human. They should appreciate every form of life which we don't have to fight with on this planet: animals in air, sea and land. Trees, plants, grass, even weeds. And stop be egoist. Respect other man, love beauty of the world and help to keep them in good shape. Let live another and make a space for them. Everyone counts, everyone have value.

  • As a child, I wish...

    I've always wanted to be an actor, a singer or a writer. I've became none of them. But hey, I still have some life ahead of me, hopefully. Maybe not everything is lost 🙂

  • A career without obstacles

    Actor. I planned to keep Oscar in my hand by now, saying: "I did't expect it is so heavy" 😛

  • My parents and me

    Between me and my father there's a huge difference. He worship a physical work and cars. I haven't even a driving licence and I don't fit to any physical work. I hate such jobs (and I know what I'm talking about because I tried it). Between me and my mum on the other hand there's such a difference that she talks a lot and she can tell a tale and I completely not.

  • Childhood pleasures

    I was climbing trees, riding bike and playing football with friends. In home, piece of paper, pencil, crayons, scissors and glue was all I need to find entertaintment.

  • Something uncommon about me

    I'm vegetarian. Seriously I've met only few people who also are vege or vegan. It's very rare in my country.

  • I wish people knew more about...

    I think people who are extravert person (which are majority) should know more about introverts (which I am). I am often accused of being unpleasant and grumpy person or sometimes shy or simply rude. But I'm not. I just avoid others when I need some time of peace and quiet. It's a mistake to judge introverts like this and big misunderstanding between these two "factions" where introverts always suffer more because they are "weaker"...

  • Life regrets

    That I have started to maturate so late.