• I always enjoy talking about...

    I like speak everything with everybody.
    I speak also with the walls (not for real).

  • Cities and countries I have visited

    I have always been in Italy, but I would like to travel and move to other countries, one of my dream is see with my eyes the Polar Lights

  • My proudest accomplishments

    I'm proud of what I study and proud of my determination with which I do things

  • My interests in other cultures

    I love the world of the Kpop and the northern states like the Norway, looks so calm

  • I'm an expert at...

    I know a lot about the houses and I practised some sport, so I know about different sport like fencing, muay thai, ping pong and other

  • A personal challenge

    Try to be the number one in everything 🙂

  • Favourite books/authors/films

    A lot of the most important fantasy film, like star wars, harry potter, back to the future, avatar...I'am a simple guy

  • Personal skills

    Nothing of special, but I make cute cakes

  • Childhood pleasures

    I loved to play with lego since when I was a kid and I wanted to became an engineer for create lego buildings

  • I recently learnt...

    I studyed a few words in Norwegian

  • Something to tell the world!

    Hi to everybody, I am just a guy that need to practise with English, so I can complete exams, travel in other countries and meet a lot of great people

  • Living abroad for one year

    I would take an year with Erasmus for study and visit the Norway


Briannazm Briannazm

1000000% nice guy.Trust me

Romeo134 Romeo134

Friendly, kind, great!😊

Briannazm Briannazm

I'm so glad that we have so much in common