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  • Something to tell the world!

    Hey there!
    I‘m Marie and I consider myself a creative soul. I love nature, animals, country and calm music, writing stories, learning languages, discover new places, the mountains, and Latin and Ballroom Dancing... I could continue, but I don’t want to bother you with stuff you‘re not interested in. Every summer, I work on a alpine hut close to my home, so I appreciate the beauty of traditions and simple life. Basically I‘m a girl from a rural area in Bavaria, Germany and I‘d love to get to know you. So please message me, especially when you‘re from an english speaking country or italy, because those are the languages I‘m mostly interested in learning.

  • Cities and countries I have visited

    I haven't come that far till now, which is kind of a pitty - but what I've seen so far was always beautiful. My favorite destination of all times is Italy, as my parents took me there quite often. The italian mentality fascinates me deeply, as well as the beauty of italian landscapes. Earlier in my life, I have been to Greece two to three times but sadly, my memory has vanished over the years so I don't really remember anything. Please don't think it's a cliché when I tell you that I've also been to Mallorca, as I've been there to enjoy its calm side. The most beautiful cities I've ever visited are Paris and Amsterdam. I'll never forget those evenings walking the streets, seeing people smiling with real and open joy - memories that have the kind of magnetic pull which make you want to return someday. A couple of times, I have been to Austria and Switzerland, two countries that are close to my home. I feel a deep connection to that very place I call home. I love to explore, but returning home has always been the best of all feelings, as I am so thankful for the landscape, the climate, the language and unique dialects and of course the people around here.
    My greatest dream concerning travel is to one day work on a farm in the midwest of the USA, to learn horseback riding (or to refresh my skills xD), watch a real college football game, learn line dance and listen to live country music.

  • Favourite books/authors/films

    I love to read books in their original language as I think no one can translate pure feelings as an author wants to convey them. A good book can make me cry, and laugh or both at the same time. If you have raccomandations don’t be shy to share!
    I like both movies and series, no matter what genre if they are capable of catching me.

  • 10 years from now

    10 years from now, I'll either be a vet or a dance teacher. Or both. xD