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  • ¡Algo que decir al mundo!

    nice that you're doing a little break in my profile.
    My name is Luisa. I`m a 18 years old girl.
    I live in Germany near munich.
    I like to write Storys and poems, to sing and to swim. And I like to meet new friends from all over the world.
    I am happy to hear from you, have a nice day,
    (I wish all the good one all the best of the world! 🙂)

  • Ciudades y países que he visitado

    The most interesting place I ever visited is Rome!
    Another great place, where I have been 10 (or more) times is Zadina near Cesenatico in Italy.
    I visited another beautiful citys in Italy too.
    And I have also been in Austria and Croatia.

  • Haz del mundo un mejor lugar

    I think the earth deserve People who are responsible.
    The constant growth isn't good for the earth, the climat and I think for the people too.
    I wish me a planet on which is more community.

    To make the world to a better place you can eat chocolate and plant trees 🙂
    (But small things can help too)

  • Libros/autores/películas de tu preferencia

    I love reading, especially books with a good end!
    I like the three "number"- books and the three "pala"-books, but also "Schatten Herz"
    I love librarys and book shops, because I like the smell of books 🙂
    My favourite film is "ziemlich beste Freunde"

  • Viviendo en el extranjero por un año

    It is a big dream of me, to live for a half or a whole year in Italy to improve the language and meet people.

  • Soy un experto en...

    "Ich weiß, dass ich nichts weiß" "I know, that I know nothing" said Cicero. I appreciate him for this sentence, because to know, that you know so less of the whole knowledge is amazing.
    So, I think I am not an expert in anything, but I am good in driving wave-board. I could teach you to drive it 🙂

  • Me preocupa...

    the climat Change.
    One day I read as climate change continues, the flowers lose their fragrance. That would be horrible for me as nature Lover.
    And there is another point- the animals. They are risk.
    The sea level will rise up and then there will be much climat refugees.
    So, you can see, that the climat Change have many bad consequences.

  • Placeres de la infancia

    Bake a "Suprisecake", with any ingredients. Mostly the cake was not good 😉
    Another pleasure was to play stories with any characters or to meet my friends and build a camp in the forest.
    In the winter we often drove with the sled.

    As child I wished me a career as a saleswoman in a booth at a weekly market 🙂

  • Un reto personal

    Overcome my low-key shy way and trust me more.

  • En 10 años

    In ten years, I would like to live in a tiny house.
    And I would like to help other people.
    I also would like to have a boyfriend 🙂

  • Mis sentimientos sobre el futuro

    On the one hand I think: The future begins now.
    Everyone can always do something for our and the future of the next generation.
    Let's just clear some rubbish from the street, make new contacts or forgive someone. Sometimes it's the little things that affect your or our future.
    But on the other had I am worried about the future.
    Not only about my owen.
    I hope the People will understand that it is important to like each other.

  • Estoy emocionado por...

    Tiny Houses!
    Writing (stories, poems)

  • Mis intereses en otras culturas

    I am very interested in other cultures.
    So, write me and tell me something about your city/country/traditions/climat/you

  • Era mejor antes

    When I was a kid everything was carefree.
    I could do things without thinking.
    And even earlier, the winters with so much snow.

  • Valorado o subestimado

    Overestimated is to want or have too much things, so many things you do not actually need.
    Often underestimated are the little things that you can't buy from money: a smile from a friend, time for yourself, time with family or friends, a beautiful day in the nature ...

  • Siempre disfruto hablar sobre...

    About dreams and things which you want to reach in your life

  • Mis logros de mayor orgullo

    To pass important exams at school

    To pass my Driver Licence

    To have great friends

    One of my poems is published in an anthology (book with a selection of poems).

    Made the A2 for the Italian language

    To pass the application process for the teacher training

    I think there will be much more achievements in my life!

  • Una carrera sin obstáculos

    I started a training as a special teacher who supports childeren. I don't know the english word for it. But it is a second teacher in a class who help especially children who need more help. For example children from other countrys who are learning German.
    After the training I would like to go abroad for a half or one year and make new experiences.
    Then I would like to work as teacher

  • Habilidades personales

    Driving Wave-Board

  • Algo no muy común sobre mi

    I have a Passion for Tiny houses. I would like to open a Tiny house village.
    Another Special this is that I have a twinsister and we are Living together in a little flat.

  • Recientemente aprendí...

    To live is more important than for example an exam.

  • Para mejorar el sistema escolar...

    I think it is very important that the pupils learn without pressure. Mistakes are normal. Teachers should look for the good things and not just for the mistakes.