• 7m
  • My proudest accomplishments

    my daugthers, are the best i ever did

  • Cities and countries I have visited

    I have not had the opportunity to travel much, I was only in the United States twice and I traveled by car from Miami to New York The other country I visited was Canada where I went to the New Bruswik peninsula and Prince Edward Island. I wish I had the means to travel more. My dreams is to know Ireland

  • I'm an expert at...

    I'm an expert in making mistakes, always, I don't know if I have an imam or what but I attract problems

  • 10 years from now

    I hope I am alive !!!! Perhaps far from the unreal situation in which I am That I have had the strength to move forward and leave the past behind, forgetting the people who do me very bad

  • Favourite books/authors/films

    I love to read it fascinates me is my ground wire my disconnection from the world a refuge where I can dream of being what I am not. I like new adults books and erotic literature, but I can also enjoy science fiction, the lord of the rings, the hobbit, the da Vinci code among others

  • My interests in other cultures

    I would like to be able to learn other languages, but so far all I have achieved is knowing few words in Italian and speaking regular English

  • A personal challenge

    Raising two wonderful daughters is my biggest challenge and it is something that I continue to do, trying to be a better mother to them.

  • Childhood pleasures

    I loved going to my grandfather's confectionery and while I was distracted taking a fruit chocolate out of the display case, he always ended up saying that a little mouse stole his chocolates, although in reality he knew it was me, I also remember that the last day of school always He took me out for ice cream to congratulate me on the past year

  • I always enjoy talking about...

    I do not have a defined topic I like to talk about different things because I think that you learn from it

  • Something uncommon about me

    I don't think anyone really bothered to meet me. I have a mischievous side that few know, and my sarcastic side that is my shield against society. I don't think anyone really knows what I feel and think

  • Personal skills

    I think my personal skill is always to make a mistake at the right moment and another is not to keep my mouth shut when it is not necessary to speak. With those two ready! I can receive this as a superhero

  • Life regrets

    I regret that I stay here, when I have the opportunity to move to another country I didn’t take it

  • I recently learnt...

    I learnt that you can’t trust in anyone, there are some bad peoples around that only want to hurt you, and I learnt that love doesn’t last for ever, that you can live in a ideal bubble and always someone will destroy it

  • I'm excited about...

    Get to know new people