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  • Something to tell the world!

    I use Messenger everyday, but I have a What's App account, too.
    Follow me on instagram: kissanto99
    Don't be shy. Just message me here, and we will find a way to keep in touch.

  • I always enjoy talking about...

    I love deep and long conversations. I'm open-minded, so we can talk about anything😁
    Books, hobbies, life-goals, people, sport, studies...anything.

  • My interests in other cultures

    I love learning about other countries' cultures and talking with other people from different countries. I'd like to make new friends from all over the world. ☺

  • Living abroad for one year

    If I had the chance to move to another country's city for a short time, I would like to go to London. It's a big and beautiful city where I could improve my knowledge and meet new people or make some Hungarian speaking friends, too.
    It would be also great if I could go to one of Italy's beautiful cities and spend some time there.😁

  • A personal challenge

    Languages. English, Italian, German, Russian,in other words, I like talking about them. So, I'm into languages and I like discovering the similarities between them. 😇