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  • Something to tell the world!

    My name is Julia and I'm a 14 year old girl (15 soon tho), that lives in Berlin (:
    My MBTI is infj (:
    I'm looking forward to get to know you and would be very happy, If YOU write me a message!
    Who knows, maybe we'll get to be friends for life ;D
    Ooh, you should know, that I normally don't accept friend requests from random people!
    So if you want to be friends, write me and then send me a friend request (:

    Mein Name ist Julia. Wie du vielleicht schon gesehen hast, bin ich ein 14 jähriges Mädchen, welches in Berlin lebt! (:
    Ich spiele gerne Minecraft auf'm Handy und telefoniere dabei👀🤟
    Es würde mich freuen, wenn du mir eine Nachricht schreibst!
    Ich habe auch nichts gegen Brieffreundschaften! Tatsächlich habe ich sogar welche <3
    Am liebsten mache ich richtige Penpal Briefe, welche ich gestalte und wo ich auch stationary dazu packe! ((:
    Also wenn du nach einer Brieffreundin suchst, jemandem zum schreiben, oder vielleicht sogar eine Freundschaft fürs Leben, dann schreib miiiir ;D
    Meine Hobbys sind Journaling, zocken, aufräumen (jaja😭👍), spazieren gehen, Musik hören, Geschichten schreiben, meine Gedanken auf schreiben und joahhh
    Du solltest wissen, das ich Freundschaftsanfragen normalerweise nicht von Menschen annehme, mit welchen ich nie geschrieben habe!
    Also wenn du eine Freundschaft mit mir aufbauen möchtest, solltest du mir zuerst eine Nachricht schreiben (;

  • I always enjoy talking about...

    I absolutely love to talk!
    If you get to know me, you'll see, that I talk much about the themes I like (:
    And tbh I like to talk about everything!
    For example I like to talk about deep Questions like {what do you think is after the death?}
    Or {what would you like to change about the world, if you would be able to?}
    Ik, maybe some weird themes to talk about, but I like that kind of themes xD
    Ooh right, I would talk about anything you want with you <3
    And if you need someone to talk about your problems or stuff like that just know, I'm ALWAYS available for you! <3

  • I'm excited about...

    Many things!
    I absolutely love Journaling! And I'm doing it since almost 2 years now! It helped me to overcome fears and make me happy on days, I didn't expected to get happy again (:
    It's like a therapy for me🙌
    Hmm, what do I also love? ^_^
    Oooh, Minecraft! I played it a long time ago and now I started to play it again.
    And what should I say? I'm in love with it xD
    And not to forget: writing story's <3!!
    I love to write story's since years..
    Ig since I'm 6 or 7?
    I also have an account on wattpad, where I'm writing stories ;D

  • Over or underrated


    The Style Vintage
    Old Songs

  • 10 years from now

    First of all the most important thing: I see myself as a happy 24 years old woman, who works as a Author or Journalist!
    maybe I'm even married and have kids!
    Oh, and I hope, that I'll still have very good contact with my family and friends ;D

  • Life regrets

    Uh oh..
    I regret many many things.. :0
    I could even write books about what I regret!
    But when I think about it: I can't change things in the past, right? So why should I think about them and be sad my whole life, just because something I can't change?
    Sooo, I learned to accept the things I can't change anymore! B-)

  • A trick or piece of advice

    I could tell thousands!
    But I'll just list some of the best ;D
    One of the most important is enjoy your life and love yourself, instead of hating yourself..
    I mean, you are the one person, who's always there for you and knows everything about you (:
    You should be your best friend instead of ,,best" hater..
    Another thing I would like to recommend you is: don't hear or care what other people say!
    Like, if anyone says to you, that your Shirt is ugly or your character is trash, just ignore it!
    The only opinion that's counting for your life is yours! Make your life how YOU want it (:

  • It was better before

    Ooh, that's a good question!
    But tbh I don't really know what to answer..
    I can just say, what I got told from older people.
    And from what I got told, I think that the past, where I didn't lived yet was kinda better..
    Nowadays almost every teenagers Life is just about Social Medias.
    I would appreciate, if the teens would live more in the real life, then in the virtual life!
    But oof, I can't change it.
    In the past, people were more friendly and had more respect I think.
    Nowadays not..
    Like for example: almost every day I see people, who look at others like ,,omg what are you wearing" or ,,uuuh why are you looking like that?" And that's just sad.. the life would be thousand times better, if everyone would support everyone, instead of killing them with looks...
    But hey, I shouldn't be so sure about if the past was better or not, because I didn't lived in that time and can't tell if I would have liked it (:

  • Favourite books/authors/films

    I'll rather list some of my absolute fav songs here, because most of my fav books are written in German and I'm sure, that many people couldn't read it then.
    And music can everyone hear (:
    So here are my current fav songs:
    👑Sweater weather × the neighbourhood👑
    Little dark age × MGMT
    Washing machine heart × Mitsiki
    Burning Pile × Mother Mother
    Sweater Weather × the neighbourhood
    Water fountain × Alec Benjamin
    Prom queen × beach bunny
    Everybody wants to rule the world × Lorde
    Like real people do × Hozier
    I don't relate to you × Billie Eilish
    Treehouse × Alex G
    And manyyy more <3

    I would love to hear your fav songs and I would also love if you would recommend me some songs (:
    I'm always looking for new favs xD