Hey all,

I've got a project for next summer (2012), I'd like to travel around Europe. But I don't want to make this trip alone, so I'm looking for someone who'd like to make this tour with me. Don't matter if you're a boy or girl and where ever you come (but it'll be better if you live in Europa, because it's more convenient), french people are accepted too. Only thing, you must be 18 on June. The trip will last 1 or 2 months during the summer. So what I propose to you, is that you send me an e-mail (PG mail or this adress (email hidden) ). In your mail, must be :
-your fisrt name
-your age and birthday
-your motivations (not just a single line, thanks...)
-your country, the language(s) you speak
-a little description of you, your hobbies, what you like/dislike...

During this trip, I'd like to learn foreign cultures so the best thing will be to sleep at inhabitants home, so we won't be more than 3 for this trip.

Hope to have an hearing from you soon.
Your dear Plume-de-Serpent. 🙂