Would you mind being my penfriend?! English

Hi everyone, i am new there 🙂. I am French and i am currently learning English (i'm doing the "First", a degree from Cambridge that I will have in 2 years if everything is okay, do you know it?!). Well, i am looking for one or several people with who I could talk English! So, whether you are interested in getting in touch with me or just talking once, i would be pleased 🙂

Hey, if you need a penpal, I'm here 🙂
Might you help me with my poor French? I like your language but I didn't have enough time to practise it properly...

Well, I Never mind 🙂
Everyone just like every ripple, when the ripples coming together, just like people meet together, it is wonderful because even you nor I can not explain the fate~

Yeah..im not a native speaker but i speak okay i guess..so if its ok,we sure can be good friends 😃

Well I'm also not a native speaker but I'd be happy to talk ;] so contact me if you want to ;D