horror !!! ^^ English

Oh do you like horror films ? I love them ! Have you ever saw the ring or the exorcism of Emily Rose ? have you like them >? And what are yours other favourites horrors ???? 😁

Well I love horrors...Have u ever seen The Hole, Case 39, The Orphanage and San Valentino di Sangue...
I have never seen The Ring or the Exorcism of Emily Rose...but I want to see them....

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ooh I saw The orphanage ! I liked very much ! There's a new film of the same director of the Orphanage -Los ojos de julia (con gli occhi del assasino 😁) I saw it a week ago and it's really cool ! After that film I was scary to walk in the darkness ;D.

Horror films aren't good. A person wants to smile, so it watches comedy. A person wants to cry, so it watches love films. But I think nobody wants itself to be scared, so I hate.

I like the Movie Ring,1 Missed call,Blair witch project.

Have u ever seen Pet Sematary? It's awesome!