Who wants to be my penpal ? I'm french girl . (: English

Hi everybody !!! 😃

I'm Solene, I'm 16 and I'm French. I live in a small town in northern France. I'm learning French (of course ^ ^), English, Spanish and Latin (but I can't say a word in Latin :innocent 😆 ).
Otherwise, I would like to improve my English. This is the main reason for my inscription here🙂.
I like many things like movies, musics, books, travels, photographys, hang out with friends, playing guitar, animals and many other things. =)
One of my dreams is to visit Canada or the United States, but another more important dream is to live in one of his country. But if I want to achieve this dream, I need someone to help me to improve my English! 🙂. Another reason is my inscription are to discover other cultures and make new friends from around the world. =) But if you want someone to improve your French or learn French, I'm there: D. It will be a pleasure to be your French teacher !! :laugh

It's my profil :


Salut Solene 🙂
This is one of the few French words I know, and seems no one wants to give me a hand with French (or maybe I'm not too dedicated)...yeah anyway, I'd be really glad to be your penpal in order to help you with your English and, if you want, I can teach you Italian.
I may not be a good "teacher" however 😃
In any case, let me know.

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