looking for a British penpal English

Hello, I'm 26 year old. I live in Piedmont, Italy has a long time been looking for a British penpal, with whom to correspond by snail mail.

I can write and understand English well enough, but I can not speak it very .

I also want to improve my English.

I do Aikido as a sport (I'm the 4th Kyu) I like the Anime & Manga and Japan in general.

I am also fond of history and I enjoy reading, especially Science Fiction, Horror and adventure.

(And the FPS and RPG games).

I play the electric bass , I Paint and listening Heavy Metal , Rock and Dance music.

Correspond by snail mail with various people from around the world about a year.


refrain people unserious.

A few years ago I did Aikido too, it's really a cool sport but also very intensive. I liked it a lot, but I had problems and couldn't do it anymore 🙁