have you ever fallen in love? English

have you ever fallen in love?

i don't think... i did only like someone but no love. It's hard saying if it's love or not but... i don't feel nothing for them now so it wasn't love...

Yeah...I have fallen in love, I have hurt someone , Ive been hurt cuz of love... /sigh

Of course I seem too young for it but I am positive I have. It lasted a long time.. I still love him. Even if he left. 3
I think true love is really something that I peruse.

Yes, I have been and it has already gone. but I still wonder how could I feel vacuum inside my chest and how could this vacuum hurts? these symptoms arent alike to anybody ? 🙂

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and im still with him,
he is from Germany, and yeah its inlove, and not only like 😛