help with English English

hello guys I'm Italian and Paola.
I need help with English, I need to practice because I want to go next year in the United States for the specialistic degree.
I hope someone is willing to help,and if you are interested you can write a comment in my profile. 🙂
I look forward to.

ok ... I'll write something about me to make it more attractive to a likely friend of the pen.
My favorite actor is Tom Cruise, I have seen all his movies, I also appreciate Ben Affleck and Andy Garcia.
I like Take That, and MJ ...
My favorite actresses are Meryl Streep and Adrey Apburn ..
what else .. study of communication sciences because I very close to the cinema and the theater that I love very much, in fact I do acting school for 12 years.
I have a twin sister .. but I also have 3 other brothers ..
I live in Naples, a city in southern Italy, but I will soon go away!
My favorite show is "One Tree Hill", I drive very well .. I do not know what else to write!
aspect of your contact as soon as possible🙂

maybe, i can help you!
though i am Korean, i speak English more than american.
don't have prejudice and come to my profile.
if you interested in my message, send me your message.