I'm Spanish talker and I'm searching for an English talker penpal :) English

I really wish someone could help me inprove my english via Skype or E-mailing.
Also I would really appreciate it if it was people who talk correct English ( no "how r u?" or "y r u sad" ) sweatdrop
Please leave a comment.
I'm a nice person. :blush

I can help 😁

My email is (email hidden)

If its help that you need i can most certainly help. yo se los dos idiomas. yo ayude a me hermano que vino de guatemala.

i would like to help you,i'm from belgium (:
if you want you can email me!

I speak italian but I'm also looking for penpals for my English if you are interested please contact me, I like reading and being with friends and I love travel.
my email:(email hidden)