Looking for a teen penpal (e-mail) English

Hi there!

I'm Mathias, looking for a teen (that means to me: you're 13 to 18 y.o.) penpal to send e-mails to each other on regulary base.

Take a look at my profile: http://nl.penpal-gate.net/profile/28416/MathiasBE.php

teen guy or girl, most preferably living in a country where English is spoken, with an e-mailadress (Windows Live Messenger is a nice addition)
You speak the official, correct English (you don't say "ur" of "y r u sad?") in the beginning, later on we can make the change 🙂

Interested? Please leave your e-mail here or at my profilie or send me an e-mail here: http://nl.penpal-gate.net/profile/28416/MathiasBE.php

Looking forward to meet YOU! :clap

(email hidden) 🙂
I'm also looking forward inproving my English.
I'm 14 by the way.

Hi Mathias! I want too a penpal, so can you answer? But I don't live in England but it's my origin country!
My adress MSN: (email hidden)
(I'm 13)😁