What's your educational system like? :) English

Greetings community! - I was just wondering what your education system is like! 🙂
- I live in a small flat country named Denmark, some people have herd of it, others haven't . However Denmark is a small but influential country. Youngsters and students in general are quite privileged, education is free and once we've passed 'folkeskolen' - Which is basically the starting ground of everything, starting at the age of 10 and finishing at the age of 15, we get financial support from the government for studying at a Gymnasia or taking a bachelor in a certain class.
The financial support is measured by viewing a family's wealth and monthly income. If your parents are divorced you even get more money. The money isn't that much, however we are able to have our own apartment and life while studying, even though there isn't much left after the rent/water/electricity/heat bill is paid. However we're able to manage. So we basically get paid for taking an education.
I believe I'm quite privileged, and I've just recently graduated my STX exams, so now I'll be heading to a University to study Journalism and communication.
Anyway, what's YOUR education-system like? 🙂
I apologise for any spelling/grammar errors.

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I think you're lucky 🙂
Western children are so independent.. (a little bird told me xD)

Well... our education-system xD
- Here in Taiwan, education is compulsory for children who study in elemantary school- junior high (or you say 1th-9th grades).
Our government has decided to make the senior high education (10th-12th grades) compulsory as well.
([u]i don't find the policy good.[/u] also they haven't give a definite time about when will the policy be adopted... perhaps they show the policy because there are election xDD (i'm sure that's their motive 😛 ) it might take a decade or never xDD the government doesn't have enough money for that...)
And the financial support is for people who/whose parents are handicapped, Taiwan Native(kinda like Taiwan aborigine) and needy families.
I haven't enter the uni yet. But i know that teenagers who really want to study but have not enough money can apply for tuition. the government pay for you and you have to return when you have a job. it is installment payments with zero-percent (0%) interest.

And so...that's all i think.
sorry i don't know others ways xDD

Here in France, schools is compulsory until 16
First, it's "l'école maternelle" (=nursery school) from 3 to 5.
Then "l'école primaire" (=primary school) from 6 to 10.
And "le collège" (= junior high school ?) from 10 to 14/15.
And then, you can choose to go in "le lycée" (high school) from 15 to 18, or to choose a professionnal or technical way.

Here, a school day begins at 8:00am and ends at 5:00pm.
(before junior high school, a school day begins at 9:00am and ends at 4:30pm).

well here they just changed the system to 5 primary classes (1 compulsory kindergarden year+4 school) , 5 gymnasium and 3 years of high school...anyone can choose whether they want to go on after they finish the first year of high school or they want to stop....then you an choose an university, which is pretty hard because the prices are pretty high compared to the average income here...those who qualify for a scholarship usually refuse it and go to study abroad ;D

We have 4 levels of schools.
Elementary School: (Pre-Kindergarden and Kindergarden) 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade.
Junior High School: 6th grade, 7th grade, 8 grade.
Senior High School: 9th grade, freshman. 10th grade, sophomore. 11th grade, junior (this is meee!!). 12th grade, senior.
College/Universtity: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior

In Korea!

kindergarden/pre-kindergarden is not in duty. but almost every children go there🙂
elementray school (초등학교) : 8~13(in Korean age) 1st~6th grade
middle school (중학교) : 14~16 (1st~3rd grade)
high school (고등학교) : 17~19 (1st~3rd grade)

In Poland children at the age of 3 till 6 can go to the kindergarden. Then 7-13 - elementary school; 13-16 - grammar school; 16-19 - high school or 16-18-vocational school. If you want to go to the university, you must pass a mature exam as good as you can. You study through 3 years or 5 - it depends on the sort of studies. After 3- year studying you are an undergraduate, but if you want to have a master degree, you have to study 2 years more; to get Phd you must study next 4 years.

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We also have vocational schools.
Five-year college: after graduated from junior high school, you can choose to enter a "five-year college" instead of senior high. That means you don't need to enter uni. =D
And for vocational schools: we have subjects that are more... useful? I don't know 😛. I mean not history, math, English, Chinese but electronic things(boys learn that), makeup things (that's what I learned!), accounting, art and so on.

Niii - We have those too!
- Universities in Denmark basically involves alot of lectures and books. However we have these..'technical schools' in which you can learn about clothing, design, electronics, technology, art, architecture and so on 😃

In Sweden
First (lågstadiet): 6-9 years - preparation for the real school when your 6 then its 1,2,3 grade
Second (mellanstadiet) 10-12 years - 4,5,6 grade
Third (Högstadiet) 13-15 years - 7,8,9 grade
Fourth (Gymnasiet) mostly 16-18 years - 1,2 and 3 year. here you can choose alignment (?) like if you want to go design, some sport program or that kind of stuff. I go design 😁
and the Fifth is university (Universitet) is nothing you have to do ofc. 🙂

Education begins at 7, but actually you can consider kindergartens as education here. So, at 7 years old you enter primary school for 3 or 4 years, depending on the school and your level. If you have 3-year primary school, you just "skip" the 4th grade. Then you start secondary school (5-11 grades) - primary and secondary schools are obligatory, but you can't be excluded. Also, after the 9th grade you take the State Final Certification exams, after which you can leave and enter a polytechnic college for 2 years or just do what you want, but you won't be able to enter a university. If you continue school, you study for 2 years more and then take the most important exam - Unified State Examination. The results of this exam can decide your future - if you have good results, you easily enter almost any university. If you don't pass it, you can wait for a year to try again. So, the school lasts 8-11 years, from 7 till 15-18 years.

In Holland, we've not only got High School, but High School comes in 4 different levels:
At the age of 12, you start High School (in Dutch: middelbare school)
Then you can chose (in order from easy to difficult):
1. vmbo
2. havo
3. atheneum
4. gymnasium
At the gymnasium, you get Greek and Latin.

after finishing gymnasiumor atheneum, you can go directly to the university, with havo or vmbo, you can't.

In holland, education starts at the age of 4 or 5,
gymnasium and atheneum dures 6 years, havo 5 and vmbo 4