Currently looking for an English speaking penpal! D: English

Hi there!
I'm pretty new to this whole community. And I mainly created a user on this site in order to increase my English vocabulary and sentences.
- I got an oral (giggle) examination during next week. And the class is of course English 😃

Hence I'd love to talk to an English speaking person on skype. Gender, age, physical apperance and total amount of extra noses and ears doesn't really matter.

The only requirement is pretty much that you're an 'outgoing' person (as outgoing as you can be on Skype I guess D: ).
Due to the fact that I enjoy conversations. Especially the English kinds. And you must be able to endure heavy amounts of sarcasm and irony, since those two things are fundemental elements of my personality.

Anyway, if I somehow did manage to sound like captain awesome, feel free to message me 😃 .
- (If you look like Megan Fox, you are to annoy this entire message and message me right away! 😮 )

I am Megan Fox, anddd my skyoe is.... brittrocksrainbows