I'm looking for a new penpal English

Hello everyone!

My name is Jenny... I'm 13 years old, and I love to learn about new cultures.(=

I'm looking for a long-term friendship penpal, where I can keep in touch with.
It doesn't matter where you are from......(=
But... I'm looking for a penpal with lots of interest.... Loves to talk about anything...and
I'm looking for a penpal that is around... 12 to 15 years old. XD

thumbup2 :clap 🙂


My name is Rhiannon, I'm 14 and I'd love to be your penpal! I love cultures too and there are so many countries I want to visit and languages I wanna learn! I'm Spanish so I can tell you about Spanish culture and I live in the UK so I can tell about British culture too!

Please email me on my profile!

~*~ PilarAqua ~*~

I would like very much becoming your correspondent too ! 😁
I like the music, the cinema, the TV and the American culture

i have 15 years,i Live in Italy
and i'd like talk with you 🙂