search an English penpal to improve my english!! English


I have a big problem I speak english like a spanish cow so I need help for improve my english



I can help you on your English, I might be a little young but..... lol

I can help you too 🙂

I come from China, my native language is also OK, that language is not good,, can not always improve English, help me please?

just comment me if you would like some help. My vocabulary is rather extensive and my diction is above average 🙂

hi everybody, i wanna learn too,i am a girl from algeria ,i speak frensh very well,
thank you

hello,i come from germany and i well english learning .halp my please.thank you🙂

I will help anyone who needs help, but if anyone speaks Spanish i need some help on that thanks! im only a beginner though!

i really need helps. my english is just terrible 🙁