Hello everybody.
i'd like to ask a question. I want to study international trade in Paris, and one of the teacher from the college i want to study in called me in order to ask me if i was interested in taking classes not in France but in Vietnam. i must admit the idea of leaving for nine month to live in a country so different and so far from mine both excite and frighten me. I'm restless in france, being unemployed, and not really knowing what i want to do, and it seems to be a really good opportunity to see something else, to grow up, Not to mention to see that i'm quite lucky to be french even if there is a crisis. But being a pessimisitic woman, i'm already cataloguing all the way it could turn bad, from homesickness, to, i don't know, diseases ?

So, first, what do all you people think about studying abroad (maybe i should read the forum first, sorry if this question has already been asked).
If there is someone from Vietnam, or who knows this country well, could you please talk to me about this culture and hte way of life there. even if it was just a travel, i'd like to know. The teacher i talked with said that many students sent were arrogant and closed minded, and it caused problems with the vietnamiens. I don't want to do the same mistake.

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