Well,, just asking for opinions. English

Hi~ my name is Na Yeoun, and I'm 12 years old.
Well,,, to say it directly, I have a dream, but many people in Korea say it's impossible for me.
Since my dream is to be an actress.
I've taken acting classes since I was 7 years old, and I can cry in like.. a minute. ( without sad music or so )
The reason they say it's impossible is because of my apperance, which is just typical in Korea.
So, I just wanted to ask,,
Is it really impossible?

ps : please don't treat like just a teenage question.. I'm really serious about this!

hi Na Yeoun,
well...i think nothing is impossible ;you can be or do what ever you want but in order to do that, you must have self confident and determination;but take an advice from me you should always keep your options open and try new thing ....you might be gifted in ways you have never known...
wish you luck

Na Yeoun,
I just have to say, don't doubt yourself. With the experience and talent you have, you can definetly be an actress if you truley want to.
I am one who was never very self confedent and I lack proper training to do many things. But still, acting is a joy to me. I am in school plays and musicals constantly. It is hard work, but in the end, I feel like I can do anything! And one great thing... acting can be persued by many types of people. No matter who you are, if you work hard at it and work on talent, you can definetly act! There are many oppertunities to act, persue them!

Dear Yeoun,

To begin with, you're still young, you have a long period of time to make your dream come true. Thus, don't limit yourself at the first time, addtionly, you have had a experience for a long time, haven't you?It has been a good basic for you! So I think you have many chances than others,don't think that it's impossible.
Despite the fact that it's difficult to join in entertaining industry or be an actress or something, you still can try hard to make it possible. In addition, although there are something that you cannot do well, if you practice hardly, you'll make it oneday.

Dear Yeoun,

Believe in yourself, no one of those who said that you can not do it knows your destination and your future!!!!!
Go for it girl, go for it, do not give up.