for ones who wants to find a penfriend by letter English

taz hey !!
my name is mathilde, i'm 15 and i'm french. i live near nantes, i'm looking for a penfriend by letter because i love to write and i collect stanps. and also because i think so we are more friend ( with msn you speak with a one and you know just his name) , i prefere, that's all 001_rolleyes 😁
i don't write my adress here , my msn is (email hidden)
byee :clap

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hey? my name is James.I'm 20 and I'm a Ugandan university student.nice to meet u. my address is (email hidden)

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Hi~ I'm Joanne I really want to find many penfriends

Hii everyone!! i'm Yeonjoo Kim, from Korea and i'm 17 yr-old girl. i'm looking for snail-mail friends<33 i want to share anything about each other:-] (LONG LASTING FRIEND) if you wanna, leave your message on my profile!!

Hello everyone,

I'm 20-year old girl from Finland and I would love to find penfriends from other countries and cultures 🙂 I like writing very much and sometimes it feels I'm the only one in nowadays who likes to send letters and post cards instead of e-mail or text messages. I just like snail mail, it's much more personal. I love travelling, music (I like going to gigs and festivals), long walks with my dog, interesting coversations and having fun with my friends. I'm very talkative and social, I get along with anyone. I'm also trustworthy and honest.

If you are interested, please mail to: (email hidden) or leave a message to my profile.