Sondage English

I've always loved this language : ... It's been a while I've been learning it and I'm not disappointed of it. I decided to create this sondage to know how many people like English.
Despite its pronunciation, English is the most beautiful language in my own!

Have fun with this sondage! 😃

Sorry for mistakes 😃 😛

I think so. English is very pretty language. A lot of people use it today. I really like it.

Me too 🙂 i like the feeling that you get when you can't say anything in your native language cause you've spoken a lot in English in near past xD i also like how many English words can be adapted to other languages, f.e. in Japanese.

To learn English for me helps a lot .in school, at home, I have a very hard to learn English.
I have a question, who can answer me?,what is the down in the past tense?

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